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Familiar with Samsung's Isocell Plus Technology

Samsung showcased its newest Isocell Plus sensor technology, which can produce better photos in less light conditions.

This new Isocell Plus Sensor is the successor of Isocell sensor technology released in 2013. Having previously been able to produce sensors that can be used in super-thin phones, and 16 megapixel Slim 3P9 sensor, Samsung now increase the sensor again with Isocell Plus.

Samsung Illustrations. Photo: Muhammad Ridho
Isocell's technology works by creating a physical wall between pixels, which can reduce leakage between pixels, and allow each pixel to absorb more light than the backside illuminate type sensor.

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But this technology has shortcomings, that is because previously using a wall made of metal, light absorbed can be reflected. But on Isocell Plus, the metal wall was replaced by a new material developed by Fujifilm, which minimizes the loss of optical quality.

The result is that these sensors can produce better color depth, and Samsung claims Isocell Plus has a 15% increase in light sensitivity. This technology is compatible with the camera with a resolution of more than 20 megapixels.

No information yet when this technology will be applied in the upcoming Samsung device. But clearly this technology is being exhibited in the arena of Mobile World Congress Shanghai which is currently underway, as quoted from Engadget, Wednesday (27/06/2018).

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