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    Interesting Facts About VAR Technology, Simple Technology that Shakes the World Cup, at the 2018 World Cup

    Wednesday, June 27, 2018, June 27, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-28T04:02:50Z
    Video asisstant referee (VAR) is a system that helps referees in making decisions on soccer games. World Cup 2018 in Russia also helped implement the technology, as well as the first moment for VAR to be applied to the four-yearly title.

    VAR, with 13 people who are members of the team in it, is working on a hub in Moscow as an operational hub of the technology. The place is known as the video operation room (VOR).

    Referees access VAR videos. Photo: Carl Recine / Action Images via Reuters
    The area has independent access to the entire camera from various angles within the stadium. One of them is a camera located near the goal that has the ability to display 4K quality images. This is because many important events around the goal, with a goal so one of the most important.

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    The cameras will then be synchronized with the screen inside the VOR to be displayed in real-time, or a difference of less than a second from the actual event. Just in case, additional camera is provided if at any time there is a problematic device.

    Monitor VAR. Photo: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters
    Each screen represents one camera in the field. Therefore, each camera has its own name. The name of each camera is also paired on each television that displays the image of the device.

    In addition to showing the video in real-time, VOR also has a number of televisions featuring slow-motion shows. This facility is useful for doing reviews on an event in a match.

    Abducting the Technologies of VAR at the 2018 World Cup Photo: special
    Not only the VAR team that has a special area to monitor the game and the special events in it. The referee also has a special point to perform its functions as a judge with the help of these technologies.

    That point is named referee review area (RRA). This is a monitor facility located on the edge of the field near the bench. The monitor has a cover to protect it from weather exposure as well as for security reasons.

    The location can be different in each stadium. A number of things such as the staging of the audience bench in the stadium, the interests of advertisers, and security became a number of key considerations in determining where to pair RRA.

    To connect the VAR team and the referee in charge of a match, the headset becomes the pedestal. The device is equipped with a two-way communication path through a fiber-based radio system. In addition, the headset has a number of features, such as push-to-talk to avoid distraction due to the applied two-way communication path.

    A number of vendors were digaet to support the realization of the VAR. More than ten technology companies such as Avid for multimedia, EVS Broadcast Equipment for broadcasting, and Dartfish as software providers, as well as citing official information from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) on Friday (22/6/2018). The organization is responsible in designing the Laws of the Game, a rule in football

    All related parties take more than five hours before kick-off to prepare everything. Ensuring that all devices are connected to one of the reasons that makes the VAR preparation seem to take a lot of time.

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