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    Like There ghost, Here's How To Motorcycles Without Drivers Walking

    Sunday, June 24, 2018, June 24, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-24T07:40:32Z
    The vehicle is currently developed with advanced technology. One of the technologies developed is autonomous vehicles that do not require a driver.

    Technology without a driver is commonly applied in four-wheeled vehicles. However, in the future there will also be motorcycles that use similar technology. Now, has begun to develop autonomous technology for motorcycles. Similarly, as reported from the MCN, Saturday (16/06/2018).

    Autonomous motors being tested Photo: MCN

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    Autonomous tech motor has started to be tested. Motor without driver developed AB Dynamics Ltd in cooperation with AutoRD. Motor without driver can follow the track and adjusted its speed.

    Autonomous motor movement is programmed using software with the ability to follow the track. Motor was also tested in terms of coordination with other vehicles.

    Coordination with other vehicles runs smoothly thanks to the AB Dynamics synchronization system. It allows the motor to run in heavy traffic.
    From this video can also be seen the stability of the motor without the driver. The motor runs without anyone controlling on it, like there's a haunt, scary !.

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