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    Selena Gomez House Looks Simple, But The Price Is Crying

    Wednesday, June 27, 2018, June 27, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-27T07:57:44Z
    Here's the look out of Selena Gomez, located in the elite area of ​​Studio City, California, USA. It looks simple ya? Although looks simple, the price of country house style is in fact far from the word cheap.

    According to Variety, Selena sold the property and released it for US $ 2,799 million. 
    (Photo: Document Variety)

    Simple impression is also felt inside the house area of ​​296 square meters. Clean white color dominates the living room area with a rustic-style fireplace.
    Wood floors and plain ceiling further reinforce the simplicity. (Photo: Document Variety)

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    Family Room
    The living room is made together with the kitchen. This time the floor is made of bricks that create a warm impression. (Photo: Document Variety)

    Brick material is also an accent for the interior of the kitchen.

    The kitchen area features a central 'island' table to accommodate cooking activities. White color still dominates. (Photo: Document Variety)
    The dining room
    The dining room with glass doors provides a direct view of the backyard. (Photo: Document Variety)

    Go into the master bedroom, this room comes with a sweet blue accent.

    The house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a guesthouse complete with bathroom.
    (Photo: Document Variety)


    The main bathroom comes with a bathtub and shower. The use of white ceramics as a wall creates a chic impression.
     (Photo: Document Variety)

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    Gym Center

    This house also features a gym center to keep the body of the inhabitants stay in shape. (Photo: Document Variety)


    Here is the appearance of a guesthouse adjacent to the main building. Again white, with wood accents
    become the mainstay theme. (Photo: Document Variety)

    The atmosphere of Selena Gomez's backyard. The beautiful garden and the swimming pool make for a long time here. (Photo: Document Variety)

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