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    Supreme Court Supports Trump's 'Travel Ban' Targeting Muslim Countries

    Tuesday, June 26, 2018, June 26, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-27T04:07:27Z
    WASHINGTON - The US Supreme Court backs President Donald Trump's policy on travel ban targeting Muslim-majority countries. The supreme court rejected the argument that the policy was discriminatory in the name of religion.
    The citizens of the United States while protesting President Donald Trump's travel policy targets migrants from Muslim-majority countries. Photo / REUTERS / Steve Dipaola

    The Supreme Court ruling came out on Tuesday US time after five conservative judges supported Trump, while four liberal judges were opposed. This decision also ended the fierce battle in the lower court between supporters and opponents of immigration and national security policies related to travel ban.

    The policy has sparked public criticism for being discriminated against the Muslim community. The travel ban includes a ban on entry of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries of the Middle East and Africa, namely Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

    Trump claims the entry ban for immigrants from the five countries to protect the US from militant attacks.

    The Supreme Court ruling has been criticized by civil rights groups and US Democrats. They staged a protest outside the courthouse.

    The highest court ruling comes at a time when Trump's immigration policy on crackdown on illegal immigrants is under scrutiny. The Trump Government has enforced the practice of separating illegal immigrant families across the US-Mexico border. However, the practice was terminated after being opposed by many parties, including from the Trump family itself.

    In remarks at the White House, Trump praised the Supreme Court ruling as "a tremendous victory for the people and the US constitution."

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    "We have to be tough, and we have to be safe, and we must be assured, at least, we have to make sure we check out people who come to this country," said Trump President, quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2018).

    Senator Bob Menendez of the Democratic Party criticized the Supreme Court ruling. "Despite the verdict out today, (we) reject violent and terrible persecution (on immigrants) who flee or discriminate against people based on nationality and religion, being not American as usual," he said.

    Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said the Trump government had established a justification for national security.

    The verdict underscores the widespread presidential policy of who is allowed into the United States. The ruling made Trump potentially add more countries to the list of travel tires.

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