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    Testing the Toughness of All New BMW X3 Technology in Bromo

    Wednesday, June 6, 2018, June 06, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-06T07:35:35Z
    The presence of the All New BMW X3 some time ago can be said to be able to stimulate the rich in Indonesia to buy a luxury car. Within 10 days of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018 some time ago, new cars brought to the public directly contributed 10 percent of total sales of BMW Group Indonesia. Even the four-wheeled all-wheel-drive system is claimed to be the latest BMW X series today.

    When viewed in plain view, many changes in and out in this latest BMW X3. Some parts of the BMW 5 Series are there so the price of IDR 1 billion is very appropriate for him. So what about the performance, huh?

    All New BMW X3. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

    Answer the question updetails, the BMW Group Indonesia directly invite officially to test the toughness of the All New BMW X3 some time ago. No half-hearted, they also immediately take the extreme area that can only be hit by a four-wheeled car that is the land of sand or whisper sand of Mount Bromo.

    Car issued is BMW X3 xDrive20i Luxury Line 2018. It was done the BMW Group Indonesia so that updetails can directly test all the technology and performance that exist in the car, without any that passed.

    The distance traveled when drawn a straight line of approximately 300 km, the distance is sufficient to simply test the dexterity of the car. But, BMW Group Indonesia does not want to be content there, then he makes engineering obstacles in the area whisper sand Mount Bromo so that everything from the balance and toughness of the car can be seen. Not to mention the terrain is thick sandy. But unfortunately, this test seems less suitable when looking at fuel consumption.

    Following updetails review on BMW Destination X Bromo Driving Experience 2018 using All New BMW X3.


    Must Read

    Speaking of design, the robustness of the four-wheeled car is still very thick there. It was seen from the enlarged grille wrapped by LED adaptive lights and LED fog lights are no longer round. So that masculine feel is felt on the face of this latest BMW X3.

    Run to the side, the curve of the typical SUV car is still there even though the All New BMW X3 has a dimension longer and wider than the previous generation. The back is also not less interesting, especially there are a pair of tail pipe that makes this BMW X3 has a fierce touch. The Underbody also has chrome accents.

    For information, the latest car dimensions of the BMW X Series is 4.708 x 1.891 x 1.676 mm. So do not be surprised if in the cabin will feel more relieved than previous X3 generation or BMW X4 sports version. For the width of the trunk can be up to 550 liters (1,600 liters if the second row seats folded).

    Enter the inside, a touch of luxury very updetails feel. It can be seen from the wrapping material used on the dashboard, door handles, even everything on the second row seats.

    What makes it interesting, the control panel is made very ergonomic so that the driver does not have to bother when you want to change something. Moreover, the 18-inch screen is already pinned technology BMW 5 Series iDrive controller, touch screen, even to its gesture control. If complicated, all basic commands such as changing the radio channel, adjust the volume, and others are accessible on the steering wheel.

    Not to get there, some X3 icon details are also embedded in the car as on the door trim, the middle, until the pillar B. Panoramic sunroof is also available. Completely complete for the size of a four-wheeled car that has a luxurious feel like a sedan.


    All New BMW X3. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

    All new BMW X3 is made in such a way that presents the comfort of driving (as a driver or passenger) as it is in a sedan, not an SUV. Some features of BMW 5 series was embedded in the body such as control panel settings (iDrive controller, touchscreen, until gesture control), steering the existing command buttons for infotainment, up to Multi Information Display screen or MID but rather small.

    "The information system is also the latest generation iDrive gesture control there, the material in iDrivenya also there are 5, gesture, touch screen, hand writing, voice command in Indonesian and English so according to our needs," said Corporate Group Manager BMW Group Indonesia, Ismail Ashlan on another occasion.

    Like the four-wheel drive car, the new BMW X3 is also equipped with Hill Descent Control (HDC) which makes it easier to ride on steep or steep terrains (especially to hold the car when steep down). This feature is also very useful when detikOto ngegas car in the sand whisper Mount Bromo.

    As with other BMW cars, there are three driving modes that are ready to help the driver when spurring All New BMW X3 is Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro. Each has its own advantages such as Sport mode that lighten the traction of the car, or Eco Pro that guides the driver to rush with certain limits to save fuel.

    All settings related to the seat is electric. Even on the second row seat there is a button that makes it lying down. This is a completely new feature in SUV cars.

    But unfortunately, this car does not have a rear parking camera or rear camera that helps the driver to park. So it is quite difficult to be used by women let alone BMW X3 is quite large.

    Tough all wheel drive All new BMW X3

    All New BMW X3. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

    On this fourth BMW Destination X, this BMW All X3 is 'tortured' in the land of sand or the whisper sand of Mount Bromo. The new BMW X series crossed the area of ​​BMW Group Indonesia made of rollers climb, angular climb, balance bridge, angled climb, wheel climb, until drifting. In short, four-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive technology in the BMW X3 will be tested on different tracks from just relying on two wheels, to crossing a 20 degree slope.

    First, updetails get a chance to test the All New BMW X3 technology is in the artificial area that prop the two tires at once. So the car just rely on the tires on the left side. When the check is over, it turns out without a heavy effort the car can get out of the obstacle immediately.

    "This shows that when one side of the tire ngerembes into the mud do not worry, the car can come out easily," said Driving Instructor BMW Gerry Nasution to updetails on that occasion.

    Furthermore, the car was required to one of the obstacles of testing where only the left tire front and right of the back of the tread to the ground. Assisted by several crew, the car wobbled but unique he did not fall and stay balanced. "We're looking at the balance of his car, weighing the same, so he does not fall even in these circumstances," Gerry said again.

    Before the car was push gas, updetails also tested the ability of all-wheel-drive BMW X3 on the road that has a slope of up to 20 degrees. Appearing horror is the first thing have, the left side of the car seemed to want to touch the ground while the other body airs with a height that is quite extreme. When viewed on the screen, it turns out the slope is 28 degrees.

    "At a time like this do not be gassed fast, slowly because that work a lot is on the right," said Gerry while easily removing the new BMW X3 from the field without worry.

    Play with All new BMW X3 in Sand

    All New BMW X3. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

    In a sandy area, updetails have the opportunity to mock gas from the latest BMW X3. On this occasion the mode used is sport because the sand field of the car must have greater traction so the tires do not sink when driving. The HDC feature is also enabled to increase the driving safety especially when it is down on a steep streets.

    After gassed with berlahan, no difficulty that means the car 2.000 cc engine TwinPower Turbo this. Handlingnya easy because the steering wheel is very light. For suspension, do not doubt because this is an SUV.

    To ngepot at some point in the area was quite okay. updetails was brought by Gerry to accompany him drift.

    Indeed, the shocks are very tight (the speed is translucent at 80 km / h to 120 km / h in sandy and winding areas). But there is no one meaningful obstacle like losing steering control.

    "Space created on this car requires driving dynamics, spacious, comfortable, luxurious, but powerful is a unit that is embedded in this latest X3.Can also remember, this we go to the sand area does not use off-road tires, you know," said Gerry .

    Conclusion :

    All New BMW X3. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

    Many things change from the BMW X3 from the control panel, interior, detailing, until the feel of the exterior. Many of the BMW 5 Series seasonings are pinned there so it can be said the latest car from the X series presents the comfort of a sedan when he himself is SUV (Sport Utilize Vehicle).

    But despite presenting comfort and luxury, the car is also not less performance. TwinPower Turbo engine with 2,000 cc 4 cylinder VALVETRONIC High precission injection Double VANOS can be mocked up to speed 215 km / hour. So it is not wrong that the All New BMW X3 is a car that can be brought to various needs and streets.

    Pricing IDR 1 billions, does not take long time this car instantly in demand by the lover. In its first debut at the automotive exhibition IIMS 2018 X3 contribution can penetrate up to 10 percent of total sales of BMW Group Indonesia.

    So, is that price worth taking home? Here's a plus minus in the latest X3 car after updetails beating on the asphalt and sandy area of ​​Mount Bromo:


    - In terms of features, All new BMW X3 is quite incredible. All the entertainment features are made ergonomics that focus on the driver so that when walking alone setting is very easy. Moreover, there is already a gesture control or command button on the steering wheel.
    - Luxury in the interior is felt from material upholstery, dashboard, to door trim. The added plus to fall in love is the new MID screen, similar to the BMW 5 series but in a small version.
    - Performance is very responsive when driven in a medium to tight. Even uphill.
    - The buttons are pinned not too much and complicated so that for beginner driver immediately quick and easy to understand the various functions.


    - Transmission carried on All New BMW X3 is Predictive Gear Shift (PGS), meaning that the car can be controlled with manual or automatic transmission. Thus, offroad lovers can still feel the sensation of driving with a large car with a manual transmission. But unfortunately, there is no paddle shift in this car.
    - There is no camera backwards, making it quite difficult for some people to have to park this new X3.
    - When the condition is stop and go, acceleration feels hampered (other than in sport mode).
    - The third row seat is not recommended for passengers with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 55 kilograms.

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