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    Use This Technology, Motorcyclists Can Be Avoided from Collision

    Sunday, June 24, 2018, June 24, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-24T07:58:24Z
    Increasingly sophisticated vehicle technology to reduce the number of traffic accidents are still high. Now, safety technology for the impurity was presented. Because, impurities tend to be more risky than other motorists.

    Safety Features Motorcycle Use 360 ​​degree Camera. Photo: Special

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    A technology startup called Ride Vision launches a system that will warn the polluter of an accident. The name of the system is Collision Aversion Technology or CAT. The system is a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision designed to integrate with motors using only standard cameras as visual sensors. The wide angle camera provides a 360-degree visual sensor.

    The system will recognize and analyze the threat of accidents. The way the system works does not require expensive hardware nor will it interfere with the focus of the rider. CAT analysis using sensors available on motorcycles.

    The system will detect the environmental tendency around the impurities. If the surroundings such as cars suddenly threaten danger by maneuvering suddenly, the system gives a warning to the rider. Thus, the impurities can respond better and avoid accidents.

    "Although there have been some intrinsic innovations in motorcycles, the fact remains that motorcycles are prone to accidents and casualties.Practors, who need to have better driving skills than car drivers, should get the same opportunity to benefit from technological innovation," the company said that.

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