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    7 This Extraordinary Technology Can Only Be Used By Emperors and Powerful People

    Sunday, July 1, 2018, July 01, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-01T08:02:16Z
    Countless how many technologies are present in human life. Starting from the really useful to the various technology nyeleneh have been present in the midst of human life.

    Countless how many technologies are present in human life. Starting from the really useful to the various technology nyeleneh have been present in the midst of human life. Technological advancement is also supported by increasingly sophisticated facilities and infrastructure, so now it is not difficult to develop.

    But long before now, there are some sophisticated technologies that can not be enjoyed by all humans. This is because the technology is so sophisticated that it is difficult to be recreated or traced, even by an expert though. Immediately, here are 7 Extraordinary Technologies That Can Only Be Used By Emperors and Powerful People, as summarized from Top Tenz.

    7 This Extraordinary Technology Can Only Be Used By Emperors and Powerful People

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    1. Vitrum Flexile

    Photo source: toptenz.net

    Vitrum Flexile Technology is a flexible glass that had existed during the time of Ancient Rome, precisely during the reign of Tiberius Emperor. This technology began when the glass craftsmen were asked to present the best glass to the Emperor. After Tiberius checked and saw nothing remarkable, the glasses were finally thrown to the ground. But there is one glass that does not break even just a dent.

    Seeing this, the Emperor, was absolutely amazed, but later the glass-making workshop was burned and the maker was killed. It makes no one else to see the development of the technological miracle until now.

    2. Mithridatium (All Poison Arrest)

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    Photo source: toptenz.net

    An antidote for all toxins, as well as cures for various diseases ever developed by King Mithridates VI Pontus, and then perfected by the personal physician Emperor Nero of Rome. According to historians, the original formula was lost, but managed to survive until the end of the Renaissance, but the original recipe is certainly lost.

    But some say that among the 36 ingredients found in these antidote toxins are opium, small amounts of toxins and antidotes, and venomous snake meat. According to the historian at Stanford University, Sergei Popov, a Soviet biological weapons expert, tried to get him back before defecting to the US, but to no avail.

    3. Greek Fire
    Photo source: toptenz.net

    Greek Fire weapon that spewed fire that flourished in 673 AD, supposedly this weapon was invented by a citizen of the Byzantine Empire. Thanks to this weapon the Byzantines managed to rescue their Empire from two attacks in Constantinople, the battle against Rus and Bulgaria as well as a series of internal uprisings.

    Most likely the blast of fire is made from a mixture of petroleum-based, the fire generated in this weapon will continue to burn on the water, making it ideal for marine wars. The effect will cause damage to the ship and crew. To avoid recipes falling into the wrong hands, this super weapon recipe is heavily guarded, only the Emperor and some people who know the recipe for making this weapon.

    4. Roman Concrete (Concrete Construction of the Roman Age)

    Photo source: toptenz.net

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    Modern concrete constructions currently last only about 100 years, in contrast to the concrete technology used by Romans that can last for thousands of years. It makes some Roman buildings so spectacular both in construction and in beauty, even modern buildings have not been able to defeat them.

    One of the Roman concrete toughness is the use of Roman volcanic sand and mortars. However, although the basic recipe is known, but until now there is no single company that can make concrete as tough as Roman concrete. A few years ago a group of archaeologists discovered the recipe, written by the Roman architect Vitruvius, it could be the bright spot of concrete as strong as Roman concrete.

    5. The Pillar of Delhi

    Photo source: toptenz.net
    The Pillar of Delhi is an iron pillar located in the Qutb complex in Delhi as high as 23 feet and 16 inches in diameter. But the 1,600-year-old iron pillars do not rust a bit. Some theories say that the cause of iron is not rusty one of them is a material made of 98% pure wrought iron quality and environmental factors around the establishment of the pole.

    Many also say there is a strong correlation between the processing, structure, and the nature of pillar iron. But until now unknown composition of the iron pillars are so immune from rust. Even many tourists believe that by touching the pillar.

    6. Starlite

    Photo source: toptenz.net

    In the 1980s, an amateur scientist named Maurice Ward emerged with a revolutionary discovery, Starlite, a flexible plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 10,000 degrees Celsius. In addition to exceptional heat resistance, Starlite can also withstand the impact of a power equivalent to 75 Hiroshima bombs, and also can survive at temperatures three times the melting point of a diamond.

    But Ward is reluctant to disclose the magic plastic recipe for fear some companies will benefit from his invention. Until finally he died in 2011 ago, recipe magic plastic is never revealed to anyone.

    7. The Sloot Digital Coding System

    Photo source: toptenz.net

    It started in the early 90s when Jan Sloot, came up with a revolutionary data compression technique that claimed to compress a 10GB movie into 8KB without loss of quality. Many people doubt the possibility of Sloot's invention, but Philips technology company is interested in working with it. But before the deal came Sloot died of a heart attack.

    So the floppy disk containing the coding software has been lost and has not been found. According to Roel Pieper, a Dutch IT expert who is involved in the Sloot project, the coding system is not entirely about compression, but rather some background knowledge, shared by senders and recipients.

    Pieper says that the algorithm is not about compression, but the principle can be compared with the concept as Adobe-postscript, in which the sender and receiver will automatically know what type of data recipes can be transferred, without the data itself actually sent.

    The final word
    These 7 Extraordinary Technologies Can Only Be Used By Emperors and Powerful People. The cause of this technology is not usually used by indiscriminate people is because the recipe and composition that is not revealed by the inventor.

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