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    Indonesian Students Win the World of Car Technology with Fuel from Plastic Waste / Rubbish

    Thursday, July 5, 2018, July 05, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-06T06:28:38Z
    London - A team from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta became the world champion of technological innovation competition held in London, England, on Thursday (5/7).

    "Seriously, we really do not know what to say, I want to cry, it's a dream come true," said Thya Laurencia Benedita Araujo, one of three students from the UGM team, with excitement, when talking with BBC News Indonesia.

    The team from UGM won the world-class technological innovation competition, beating participants from 140 countries. (BBC Indonesia)

    In the competition titled Shell Ideas 360, Thya with two colleagues, Herman Amrullah and Sholahudin Allayubi, made the concept of smart cars fueled plastic waste.

    This idea comes amid news that Indonesia is the second largest plastic waste producer in the world after China.

    "We regret the plastic problem in Indonesia that is not termanajemen properly so we have an idea, why we do not turn plastic waste into energy as well as help the energy shortage in Indonesia," Thya continued.

    Competition Various energy-efficient cars made in the country's children also compete fast in other arena in time adjacent to Shell Ideas 360. (BBC)

    However, waste management as a source of energy is not new.

    Their breakthroughs are different, because they no longer require additional energy to process waste.

    "The effort to convert the waste is already a lot, but the majority use LPG to burn it Well, we have an idea by converting the plastic waste using exhaust gases, so it's free," Herman said.

    Based on the proof that they do, the exhaust gas car that the temperature can pass through 400 degrees Celsius, enough to do the burning.

    In addition, the technology they conceptualize also has a carbon dioxide absorber from the exhaust so that pollution can be suppressed.

    2 kilograms of plastic = 2.2literBBM
    Achievement that achieved by UGM students is extraordinary. They are the only representatives from Asia, who managed to beat over 3,000 ideas from 140 countries.

    In the final round in London, they compete with four other teams from the United States, United Arab Emirates, France and Australia.

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    "We can beat them and we can beat them," said Thya. "We are the same rivals (students) of University of Texas (from the United States), the university rankings are very high.

    One of the judges of this event, Chris Brauer, director of innovation from the University of London, said the team's victory from Indonesia because the idea is very close and relevant.

    "This innovation is very powerful, because it can be used directly by people closest to them.If realized, this technology can change our behavior and maintain the maintenance of the environment.In addition, with the technology they can directly find consumers, while others are more focused to business, "Brauer said.

    Based on the concept they created, as much as two kilograms of plastic waste can be processed into 2.2 liters of fuel.

    And plastics that can be used are bottles or clear plastic.

    Can it be realized in Indonesia?
    According to Herman, the technology he created with his colleagues is very applicable in Indonesia.

    "Especially in Jakarta, because there are so many cars and this technology we specialize for a rather loose-engined car such as MVP (multi-purpose vehicle) or sport utility vehicle SUV, in Jakarta quite a lot," Herman said.

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    A rather loose machine is needed to provide a place for plastic waste treatment.

    Furthermore they hope that this waste-fueled energy becomes one of the energy used in the future.

    "Or at least from this idea, we hope to raise public awareness about plastic waste."

    racing cars Can energy-efficient cars be a solution to energy sustainability and environmental sustainability? (BBC)

    However, for a while these young Indonesians claim to want to enjoy the experience and prizes of the international competition.

    They will take a walk to one of the myriad of adventure destinations with the National Geographic team.

    "So, for friends do not be afraid of dreaming, because dreams can make us go far and reach higher," added Sholahudin.

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