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    It's Traveling Guide and Watch World Cup in Russia

    Monday, July 2, 2018, July 02, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-03T00:39:40Z
    Photo: Tour to Russia (Dina Rayanti)
    Moscow - Russia is the center of world attention because of the 2018 World Cup. If you plan to go there to watch the game, this is what you should know. visited Russia some time ago. For 9 days the author visited several cities in Russia.

    If you want to go to Russia also to watch the World Cup here are the most important tips such as arranged Tuesday (06/12/2010):

    1. What needs to be prepared?

    Kremlin in Moscow, Russia (Dina Rayanti)

    What I prepare is to buy a plane ticket 6 months before departure. This first thing must be done dong. Next is taking care of visas at the Russian Embassy in Jakarta.

    This should be noted when taking visa, that there should be evidence of hotel bookings in Russia. The proof is print out all the hotel bookings that will be used as lodging later there.

    Then, you must prepare a visa support. Still in condition of making visa, visa support proves that we will stay there. A suport visa can be obtained from the hotel or travel agent.

    The making of the visa itself is at least a month before departure and the manufacture can be represented. Russian visa fee is IDR 980 thousand. Advice from me, if make visa at least exceed the time of visit to avoid if there are circumstances that are not desired.

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    City of St. Petersburg, Russia during snow (Dina Rayanti)

    2. Flights to Russia

    There are no direct flights from Jakarta to Moscow. At that time, I was transiting in Bangkok, Thailand for 18 hours for boarding a Thai Airways flight. If you are lucky like me, buy a plane ticket in advance, for example I got a ticket 6 months earlier with a promo price of Rp 5.8 million for PP (return) from the usual price of about 3 times as much.

    The total length of its journey is about 30 hours. This flight I traveled from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Moscow Domodedovo with transit in Bangkok.

    3. Stay in Russia

    Arrived in Russia, my 4 day trips around Moscow City, 3 days in Murmansk City, and 1 day without stay in St Petersburg City. Traveler can stay in hostels at a price of 200 thousand IDR overnight, a lot in Moscow, it would be easier to find if using an online application.

    4. Language problems

    Husky Farm in Murmansk Town (Dina Rayanti)

    All you need to know about the City of Moscow, first is this city can be said not friendly tourist. Most of its citizens can not speak English. Experience, when at Domodedovo Airport I asked the existence of money changer, by the officer even escorted to the ATM.

    This difficulty is also due to not wearing a tour guide while in Moscow. When I was underground and so learning was a lot of loggers, especially when people were confused.

    My advice, download is a translator application that can use the camera to translate the article. It will be easier if you are looking for halal food.

    5. Eating and shopping

    Must Read

    If breakfast or eat, the hotel there also provides rice. If you want to shop for souvenirs in Moscow look for supermarkets because the price is cheaper than near tourist destinations.

    6. Traveling in Russia

    In Moscow, you can get around to the Kremlin, Red Square, and ice skating centers in Russia. I, too, went to Murmansk City. This is the most northern city on the border with the North Pole and you can see Husky dog ​​breeding and photographing aurora here. Murmansk Airport itself is unique because it has only 1 terminal.
    Aurora from Murmansk City (Dina Rayanti)

    For me, from Indonesia, in winter everything looks white. In this Murmansk City I use a tour guide service for IDR 2 million, is included with the shuttle from the hotel to the airport and vice versa.

    For other cities in Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup matches, they all have interesting sights, beautiful city parks and a good pedestrian for walks. You can travel before or after the game.

    7. Weather issues

    For the title of World Cup 2018, weather problems should also be a concern. Although entering the summer, the temperature only ranges from 20-25 degrees Celsius. Long sleeves or sweaters can help you adapt to the weather.

    Provide umbrella because sometimes it rains in summer. Always monitor the weather forecast app on your phone.

    8. Cultural gap

    Lastly, do not be surprised to see the Russian when you see foreigners or tourists more like intimidation. You do not need to develop a smile when passing by local people because it is not their culture like that. Must really research before leaving to get to know the terrain because there is no information in English there.

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