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    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV So King in 5 European Countries It (Report from France)

    Monday, July 2, 2018, July 02, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-02T23:43:12Z

    Marseille - Despite having Japanese blood, who would have thought Mitsubishi became a manufacturer that managed to achieve the best sales in environmentally friendly car competition in Europe. Proven in five European countries that have the best market in the sale of environmentally friendly cars, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV into the top 5 best sales.

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Photo: M Luthfi Andika

    "We have good sales at the 5 largest efficient vehicle markets in Europe such as UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Spain," said Mitsubishi Motors General Manager Public Relations (Europe), Daniel Georges Nacass, in Marseille, France.

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    "And in the PHEV market is very good and all brands have the benefit of tax deductions, PHEV is still achieving good sales for efficient vehicles, while getting the same incentives with other manufacturers," Daniel added.

    Daniel gave an example in Sweden, Outlander PHEV managed to occupy second position in environmentally friendly car competition.

    "In fact, there are local players like Volvo, but Sweden provides the same incentives as other manufacturers, and (Outlander) PHEV has sold more than Volvo because consumers can choose freely," he said.

    "Furthermore, in Germany, Mitsubishi also has a very strong local rivals (BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi Group), last year we sold more than Audi with (Volkswagen) Passat GT, but this proves the incentives provided by the government is much needed by consumers efficient cars, "he added.

    Mitsubishi's strategy for Outlander PHEV to conquer European car

    Electric cars continue to grow in Europe. But who would have thought a Japanese car could compete with European brands on the Blue Continent. Call it like Outlander PHEV is able to compete and trusted, and able to compete with European brands themselves.

    As submitted by Mitsubishi Motors General Manager Public Relations (Europe), Daniel Georges Nacass, in Marseille, France.
    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Photo: M Luthfi Andika

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    "PHEV has a very successful sale in Europe compared to other manufacturers for the past 3 years," said Daniel.

    "Our competitors here are premium brands, such as Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota with their simple hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a unique system and this is what consumers choose," Daniel added.

    Daniel explains, the first strategy to be able to get the hearts of electric car lovers is Mitsubishi focus on the market that requires electric vehicles in Europe.

    "We introduced PHEV in Europe first introduced at the Paris motor show 2012, and we started october 2013 sales a year later, focusing first on emerging markets (developments in electric cars), such as the Netherlands and Sweden and Norway," he said.

    "And our sales grew by up to 95 per cent in efficient car sales in the Netherlands in the past because it was supported by government incentives such as tax incentives, and the government strongly supported the development of electric cars for all manufacturers. extraordinary, "he added.

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