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    Thanks to Drinking Water Radiator, Women Survive After Accident

    Monday, July 16, 2018, July 16, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-17T04:33:51Z
    Angela found at the bottom of the cliff (Photo: Reuters)
    California - A woman survives for a week after a terrible accident. The car he drives fell to a cliff.

    As quoted by Reuters, Angela Hernandez (23), found a pair of climbers at the bottom of the cliff in California.

    The Patriot Jeep car ridden by Angela fell into the abyss after she tried to avoid an animal in the street.

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    Over the week Angela is reported missing. Angela and her car last seen through a CCTV camera at a Carmel gas station on July 6, about 50 miles from where she was found.

    Climbers can find Angela after they see some of Angela's car at the bottom of the cliff. Angela is found in a conscious condition but with an injury in her shoulder.

    Rescuers using a rope carry Angela Rescuers using a rope carry Angela (Photo: Reuters)

    During that time, Angela can survive just by drinking water radiator car. The rescuers then took Angela to the hospital by helicopter.

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    "He was lucky to survive," said Monterey sheriff's office spokesman John Thornburg.

    Angela had an accident while she was on her way to her sister Isabel's home in Lancaster, Los Angeles.

    "My brother for 7 days alone in a 200-foot ravine is traumatic and the recovery process will be long," said Isabel Hernandez.

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