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    Dunkin Donuts Name Change

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018, September 26, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-09-26T15:27:08Z
    Dunkin 'Donuts as a famous brand of American donuts for important changes. Yesterday (26/9) the company announced that it would release the word 'Donut' on its trademark.

    The restaurant, originally known as Dunkin 'Donuts, will change the company's image by changing its name to Dunkin' only. This is because the company from the United States does not want to be known as a restaurant that only sells donuts. Although donuts are a food product that raises them.

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    They also want to be known as a restaurant that serves many other dishes. Even so, that doesn't mean the restaurant no longer sells donuts. This is desired by the company, because seeing the highest income comes from the sale of drinks, especially in coffee.

    "With the word Donuts that is no longer used in the logo, we will continue to be committed to serving donuts that are characteristic and continue to provide new variants for donut lovers everywhere," said Tony Weismen, Dunkin 'Chief Marketing Officer.

    That way, the company will change the logo of the restaurant. In addition, they will also change packaging and advertisements thoroughly. Reporting from Delish (26/09) the changes will take place in early January 2019. This was conveyed in their press release.

    This news is certainly shocking netizens. Many have expressed their opinions through Twitter social media. Not a few of them questioned whether consumers were accustomed to a new brand in the restaurant.

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