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    Big vs Small Breasts, Which are at Risk for Cancer?

    Monday, October 8, 2018, October 08, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-10-08T10:00:45Z
    Breast size turns out to affect breast cancer risk. Photo: thinkstock
    Myths about the causes of breast cancer are still scattered. One of them is that breast size can affect the high risk of breast cancer. Is it true?

    Breast cancer surgeon, Rachmawati, Sp. B (K) Onk, said that the size of a woman's breast can affect the level of breast cancer risk. If the breasts are larger, the risk of developing the disease is higher.

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    "Breast size is indeed one of the causes of breast cancer risk. If the breasts are bigger, then the lump can stick anywhere," he said, in an interview with detikHealth some time ago.

    "Because there is a lot of fat and a wider area, the lump has space to develop. It's different if the breasts are small," added Dr. Rachma.

    He also stressed, that based on research it has been proven, breast size can be a risk of breast cancer.

    "It is more risky to be large, because a lot of space for cancer can grow," he concluded.

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