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This 94-year-old grandfather has never had a cold, this is the secret

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Preventing colds and colds does not have to be done by taking medication. As is done by a doctor and 94-year-old grandfather this year.
Winter or rain allows the body to get infected with bacteria. These bacteria can nest to cause cold and flu. Flu and colds can be very disturbing, which can have an effect on headaches and nasal congestion.

So that this does not happen, you must be very clever to prevent it. Consuming yogurt every day is believed to prevent the occurrence of colds and colds. This has been proven by Dr. Murray Grossan.

This 94-year-old Grandfather Was Never Infected by Flu, This Is the Secret Photo: Istock

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According to him, yogurt contains probiotics or good bacteria that live so they can interact with microbes found in the intestine. Therefore Dr. Grossan believes that yogurt can help prevent flu.

The 94-year-old grandfather is an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor. Even the experience was shared through an interview conducted by Steve Bowers. Reporting from Delish (03/10). Dr. Bowers conducted the interview to complete his book 'Secrets of the World's Healthiest People'.

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Until at the age of 94 this year, Dr. Grossan still looks healthy and fit because he always builds a better immune system against colds and flu. As a doctor, health is her priority, because remembering around her is a sick person.

Besides yogurt, other fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kefir can also be used as an option, as suggested by Dr. Bowers. To be more maximal you can add fermented food to the daily meal menu.

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