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    British Beauty Queen Nearly Suicide because of Instagram!

    Sunday, February 24, 2019, February 24, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-02-25T07:04:37Z
    Alisha Cowie (19) is often bullied since childhood because of being fat until dubbed 'cow'. He tried to find help on social media, where he found many images on Instagram that triggered him to endanger himself and think of suicide.
    Social media several times called studies can trigger mental health problems. (Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images)

    Initially he was only looking for posts to eat healthy, but Instagram took him to a post that showed pictures of people experiencing anorexia using the #Ana hashtag. He realized that almost all of these posts seemed to be a competition.

    "It feels competition. People are trying to lose more weight than others. Then I also began to see pictures of people hurting themselves. They posted after doing it, showing the wounds and all that blood," said Alisha, quoted from the Mirror.

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    The entire post was made as glamorous and beautiful, as if to encourage Alisha to do the same. He began to hurt the arms and legs, and had thought to end his life.

    But the woman who won the title as Miss England 2018 was 'awake' after her best friend died of suicide. Feeling slapped, he was determined to live for his friend by starting to improve his life.

    She also began modeling at the age of 15 years, and successfully won the cup Miss England in 2018. When Alisha competed to represent England in the Miss World beauty event, he conveyed tributes about his friend and mental health issues on social media.

    "I believe that Instagram has control so that if there are images that are not feasible a warning sign will appear. But we can still click on them. These images need to be completely blocked. There is no reason they are there. They are not helpful, they destroy life. other people, "concluded Alisha.

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