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    Extraordinary, Electric Motor Using Hollow wheels

    Sunday, February 17, 2019, February 17, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-02-17T17:59:34Z
    Electric motor RMK E2 Photo: Pool (RMK Vehicles)

    Not only in films, now manufacturers are competing to be able to give birth to vehicles that don't make sense. Like a Finnish electric motorbike, the RMK tried to realize a motorcycle with rims without fingers like a hollow wheels.

    Quoting from the official website, this electric motor called E2 is indeed still in the form of a prototype, even though this electric motorbike gets praise thanks to an extraordinary concept. The motorbike was shown in Helshinki, Finland this month.

    Just mention the design presented, even though the appearance looks stiff, the most interesting thing is the rim that is served does not have a buffer like a racing rim or fingers.

    About the toughness of an electric motor, do not doubt this motorbike, because with a battery that is carried, this motorbike is claimed to be able to run 200-300 km. Although not leaked how much the battery is carried, this E2 electric motor only takes 2-3 hours to be able to charge the battery to a capacity of 80 percent.

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    This E2 electric motor is also claimed to be able to run up to 67 horsepower and has 320 Nm of torque. About toughness, this motor will be able to reach top speed up to 160 km / hr. Well even though it hasn't been sold, this electric motor can be ordered by preparing an advance of 2,000 euros. It is unclear what the exact price will be when it is officially sold. But the company gave a predicted price of 24,990 euros.

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