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    Hypertension, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

    Sunday, February 24, 2019, February 24, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-04-18T13:43:57Z
    The term hypertension may be familiar in your life. Where one of the diseases that suffers quite a lot among adults to old age is indeed quite a lot of attention.

    In addition to sufferers who continue to increase every year, this disease can also cause other chronic conditions or disorders. Call it like heart problems, strokes, and others.

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    What Is Hypertension?

    Hypertension or also called high blood pressure is a condition where blood pressure is above 120/80 mmHg. Usually sufferers are found in the range of adults to the elderly. But it does not rule out the possibility if this condition can affect anyone.

    Blood pressure can be said to be normal if the pressure is on a number that is not too high and not too low. If the pressure is above the normal level of 120/80, it can be said that the person has high blood pressure.

    When high blood pressure occurs, the heart organ will be forced to pump blood with even harder conditions. Where if this condition occurs, it will result in other chronic disorders, such as heart failure, kidney system disorders, and the possibility of stroke.

    According to the statement of the World Health Organization (WHO), that everyone has the potential and has the risk of experiencing high blood pressure. Even according to existing data, people with high blood pressure will continue to increase. Even the numbers can jump sharply to 29% in 2025.

    Cases of high blood pressure like this also occur in many countries in Indonesia. Where according to data from the Republic of Indonesia Basic Health Research in 2013 showed that more than 25.8% of Indonesia's population had hypertension. Even in the following year the figure continues to increase until the next 2025. This high blood pressure disease is also called the silent killer. So it is worth to be aware of any symptoms and conditions.


    People who have blood pressure or tension above the normal level will usually experience several conditions called symptoms of hypertension. Here are some symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension that might occur:

    - Dizzy
    - nausea
    - Very severe headaches
    - Blurred vision
    - ringing ears
    - Irregular heartbeat
    - Pain in the chest
    - Difficult to breathe
    - The emergence of a sense of confusion without cause
    - Blood out in urine
    - There is a ticking sensation in other parts, such as the chest, ears, and neck

    If you experience some of the symptoms above, immediately see a doctor. Where blood pressure or tension that is not controlled can cause a person to experience a more critical condition, for example, such as heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke.


    There are several factors that cause a person to have blood pressure above normal. Here are some factors that cause hypertension or high blood pressure:

    - Excessive stress
    - Lazy to move
    - Smoking habit
    - Obesity or obesity
    - Often work late at night
    - Use of drugs
    - An unhealthy lifestyle
    - Many foods that contain salt are too high
    - Use of birth control pills

    Other Causes That Increase the Risk of Hypertension

    In addition to a number of factors above, high blood pressure can also be caused by several other risk factors. Where according to data from the Republic of Indonesia Basic Health Research, more than 25% of Indonesia's population with age above 18 years will have the risk of prehypertension and hypertension.

    Where this case will increase with the presence of risk factors experienced by sufferers, such as:

    - Very high levels of fatigue
    - Uric acid
    - diabetes
    - Obesity
    - High cholesterol levels
    - Addicted to alcoholic beverages
    - Kidney illness
    - Derivative factors inherited from parents or other nuclear families

    Even though you don't have some of the risk factors above. Not that if you will avoid this one disease. So you should always be aware of your health condition and if symptoms occur as mentioned above, then consult a doctor immediately.


    Must Read

    Someone can minimize the occurrence of high blood pressure disease by doing early prevention. Where prevention can be done by implementing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding risk factors. Here's how to prevent hypertension that you can do:

    - Eat healthy, low-fat foods
    - Do a healthy diet for those who have excess weight
    - Maintain an ideal body weight
    - Avoid smoking habits
    - Eliminate the habit of likes to drink alcoholic beverages
    - Perform enough physical activity such as diligent exercise, active moves, and others
    - Avoid staying up late and work at night
    - Take control of emotional factors in yourself
    - Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
    - Limit salt consumption


    For people who have had hypertension, then treatment is the most appropriate way to do so the risk of this disease is not getting worse. For the method of treating hypertension itself can actually be started by changing or implementing a healthier lifestyle.

    Where this method is more effective than the medical treatment method. But even so, medical treatment is still needed so that a person can recover from his hypertension. In addition to implementing a healthy lifestyle, some of these drugs can also be consumed to reduce a person's high blood pressure, namely:

    1. Calcium Channel Blocker: This drug can be taken to reduce high blood pressure. Where the workings of this drug are by inhibiting the movement of calcium to the walls of blood vessels and other heart cells. So that the heart will more easily pump blood throughout the body.

    2. ACE or Angiotensin Converting Anzyme Inhibitors: These drugs have the performance to widen the blood vessels to increase the amount of blood that the heart will pump throughout the body.

    3. ARB or Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker: The performance of this drug is almost the same as ECE, but the mechanism of action is different. So that it can be a complementary medicine for someone who has high blood pressure.

    4. Beta Blokers: This drug can be consumed by people with high blood pressure with the work system blocking the effects of the sympathetic nervous system towards the heart.

    5. Diuretics: This drug is also known as a water pill, a drug used to remove water or salt that is not needed and is not wasted with urine

    6. Fish or Omega 3 Oil Supplements: Taking fish oil or omega 3 supplements can reduce a person's blood pressure.

    In addition, you can also eat foods that can reduce high blood pressure or hypertension, such as green vegetables, berries, oatmeal, yogurt, skim milk, seeds, bananas, salmon or fresh fish containing omega 3, garlic, olive oil, dark chocolate, and pomegranates.

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