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    It's Not Easy To Erupt, Tires Are Already Produced

    Sunday, February 17, 2019, February 17, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-02-17T17:55:44Z
    Broken tire.

    The toll road is called a spokesman for the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Dian Fatwa, making tires hot quickly until they erupt. Actually, tires are made not easily erupted as long as they are in normal conditions and the wind pressure is appropriate.

    According to Zulpata Zainal, one of the practitioners in the tire industry, hot tires are actually normal. About tire breaking, tire manufacturers have tested the resistance of tires before being sold in bulk.

    "We find out, the tire erupted about 6-7 days continuously for 24 hours non-stop. The question is, who wants to drive 6-7 days non-stop 24 hours? There is no, it is not strong," Zulpata told Updetails .com through a connection call, Sunday (02/17/2019).

    According to Zulpata there is an endurance test to test the resistance of the tire. The tire was installed in the tool, played continuously 24 hours for days non-stop.

    "The rupture is only for days. Who wants to drive for days non-stop until the tire breaks? So if it's all normal, it's less likely to break the tire," Zulpata said.

    Tires can break if the condition of the vehicle tires is not noticed. For example, tires are bald, wind pressure is not appropriate, or the vehicle is overloaded so that the tire bears more weight, or the tire has been punctured by nails. However, said Zulpata, if the condition of the tire is appropriate, chances are that the vehicle tires will be small.

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    "It's called an endurance test. Tires are tested for days 24 hours non-stop. The other is high speed, we keep the tires. Approximately load index 95H (load index H means tires can be stretched to 210 km / hour) for an hour it can not go down 210 km / h, it might break, so it must be 210 km / h continuously for one hour, if on the highway, there won't be a road for geber 210 km / h during that time. geber up to 210 km / hr on the road right. If you obey the rules at most 100 km / hr right, "said Zulpata.

    For information, every tire produced by a manufacturer has a load index like that called Zulpata. Load index is a specification of a tire that is usually printed on the tire wall. Load index describes the ability of the tire to withstand the load and the ability of the tire to go up to maximum speed.

    "So it's less likely if we check the tires, if it's worn out, we change it, often in front of the back rotation, there are no stones or nails, it's safe," said Zulpata.


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