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    Their Stories Have Been Affected by Microsleep to Nearly Woe

    Sunday, February 17, 2019, February 17, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-02-18T07:15:35Z
    Even if only for a moment, microsleep can trigger a fatal accident while driving (Photo: illustration / thinkstock)
    Even if only for a moment, microsleep can trigger a fatal accident while driving (Photo: illustration / thinkstock)

    Microsleep is one of the effects of lack of sleep, its characteristics include feeling tired or sleepy outside of rest time. When this happens, the brain feels fatigue that is very very, but still survive to stay awake. Usually this microsleep can be felt for about 1 second to two minutes.

    Saras, a student from Multimedia Nusantara University, told me about the microsleep attack he had experienced. He said he could dream in a short time when he got a microsleep attack.

    "When hit by the attack, it feels like it's just lost consciousness, really rich don't remember now where and what again. Just as rich people want to fall asleep, and sometimes even just a fraction of a second, they can dream and get into the subconscious world. , "Saras said.

    Not much different from Saras, Aisy, a private employee in big city, also said that she had experienced microsleep during her trip to work.

    "Yes, at that time, at the morning picket, I continued to ride the motorcycle taxi. Now it turns out that during the road, I feel sleepy. Uh, suddenly the 'tech' head jerked up like that, and suddenly the body felt a little weak after waking up," he said.

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    It turns out that microsleep can cause fatal things too, for example, like Frieda. When driving suddenly an employee of a private company can feel sleepy and sleep while driving.

    "When I came home from work around 12 at night, I was driving a motorbike. While fumbling, I suddenly fell asleep when I brought the motorbike again, it turned out I was walking close to the edge. I don't know what the process is until I can sleep , "he explained.

    What about you, have you experienced microsleep or not? Write in the comment column.

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