Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash, These Netizens admit that 2 months ago have warned Ethiopian Airlines about MAX 8 -->
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    Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash, These Netizens admit that 2 months ago have warned Ethiopian Airlines about MAX 8

    Sunday, March 10, 2019, March 10, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-03-11T04:07:22Z
    Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Airlines ET-AVJ crashed on a flight to Nairobi and left 157 people dead. The ET-AVJ aircraft is known to be a type of Boeing 737 MAX 8.

    The Boeing MAX 8 is the same type as the Lion Air PK-LQP which crashed in the Java Sea and killed 189 people inside.

    These Netizens admit that 2 months ago have warned Ethiopian Airlines about MAX 8
    Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Photo: Getty Images)

    A netizen on Twitter with an @advmtw account blurted out that he had commemorated Ethiopian Airlines regarding potential hazards MAX 8.

    "Bad news ... It was an email that I sent to Ethiopian Airlines 2 months ago regarding 737 MAX. Never received a response from #EthiopianAirlines # ET302," said the @advmtw account, Sunday (10/3).

    The tweet has now been retweeted more than 2,600 times and given 108 comments. In this discussion also included a screenshot of the e-mail evidence he sent to the Ethiopian Airlines.

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    Next, fill in the @advmtw email to the airline:

    Ethiopian Airlines new B737 max

    Hello, I am a person who is interested in the world of aviation and your customers. I did a lot of in-flight research and updates related to aviation news, and I learned that Ethiopian Airlines ordered and started receiving 737 max.

    I want to convey my concern about the alarming report after the fall of the 737 max owned by Lion Air on October 29, 2018.

    Although this is still an ongoing investigation, recent reports say that the new anti-stalling system (MCAS) on the 737 max might be one of the reasons that caused the accident (Lion Air).

    What really caught my attention and made me worry is articles like this https: //www.dailysabah many-pilot-not-told-about-feature-new-in-boeing-737-plane that informs us that many airlines and pilots have not been informed of the new anti-stalling system installed at max 8.

    An American Airlines spokesman even discussed this issue: "We value our partnership with Boeing, but do not know some of the functions of the Maneuver Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) installed on MAX 8

    I sent this email to ensure that Ethiopian airlines and B737 max pilots knew the situation regarding the anti-stalling system (MCAS) on this particular aircraft. I took the time to write this email because it's about safety and I really believe that safety must be the first priority of everyone in the airline industry.

    I look forward to hearing an explanation from you.

    Customers who care.

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