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    Here's How to Play Cricket, One of the Popular Sports in India

    Friday, March 8, 2019, March 08, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-04-18T13:36:43Z
    Cricket is one of the popular sports in India. Similar to round sport, this cricket uses the technique of hitting the ball.

    Of course, it's not exactly the same in playing it in the field.

    Then, how do you play cricket?
    How to play cricket

    Position in Cricket Sports

    There are five parts in cricket, namely hitting the ball (batting), removing the ball from above and straight hands (bowling), guarding (fielding), catching (catching), stump guards (wicket keepers), the value collected by the batter (scoring ), and referees (umpire).

    A batter beats using a wooden bat (bat), gloves (gloves), leg protectors (pad), a vital area protector, and a head protector (helmet).

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    First of all to start the match, after the guard team enters the field, two beaters follow the field.

    The two beaters stand in front of each stump that is above the pitch or pitch.

    The positions of the two beaters are opposite each other.

    The first paddle is ready to hit the ball and the second bat is ready to run to the other end of the stump, which is towards the first bat.

    Then, run back if the ball has not been taken by the fielding team.

    If one of the batter dies, it is replaced by another bat and so on.

    The dead beater cannot hit again.

    Each bat tries to hit the ball as much as possible to collect as many values ​​as possible.

    After that, team A and team B switch positions. Team B keeps the ball and team A hits the ball.

    If one team gets a higher score than the other team, then the team is said to win during the existing transfer (over).

    However, if team A hits the ball and all beats die / out before the over is determined to run out, then the game is finished and exchanges positions.

    Team B hit and pursued the value collected by Team A to win the match.

    Well, that's how to play this one sport. Are you interested to try it?

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