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    Stars '90210' Luke Perry Died of a Stroke, Recognizes Symptoms

    Monday, March 4, 2019, March 04, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-03-05T02:40:28Z
    Star of the series 'Beverly Hills 90210' Luke Perry dies. Previously, he was reportedly admitted to hospital due to a stroke.
    Luke Perry died of a stroke (Photo: Beverly Hills 90210 via imdb)

    Quoted from WebMD, strokes occur when blood flow in the brain or towards the brain is disrupted. It can be due to broken blood vessels as in the type of hemorrhagic stroke, or because of blockage by plaque in the type of ischemic stroke.

    A stroke is one of emergency. Medical treatment as soon as possible is a must. The faster it is handled, the smaller the risk of permanent or fatal damage in brain tissue.

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    How do you recognize a stroke? Some symptoms that can be identified include the following:

    - Problem to talk and understand, difficulty finding words and confusion. Talking about pelo is also very typical of stroke.
    - Paralyzed or numb to the face, arms or legs. It usually occurs only on one side of the body, but it is not impossible on both sides.
    - Blurred vision without obvious, sometimes shaded causes.
    - Headaches that are very intense and sudden. Can also be accompanied by dizziness and nausea vomiting.
    - Difficulty walking normally, losing balance and having difficulty controlling body movement coordination.
    If you experience these symptoms, it is highly recommended to immediately seek medical help.

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