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    Test T-Link Features in Headunit New Toyota Veloz, Easy and Fun

    Monday, March 11, 2019, March 11, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-03-11T15:10:24Z
    New Toyota Avanza and Veloz is indeed a minor change model when it was launched in mid-January. However, from a few updates, there is one new feature pinned on the New Toyota Avanza 1.5G and Veloz.

    T-link feature in 2019 New Veloz. © 2019 Merdeka

    Yes, the entertainment system is offered more fun, thanks to the new 2-DIN headunit with 6-inch touch screen technology plus the T-Link feature. Similar to the previous Miracast on the headunit, the T-Link feature is more advanced than the Miracast feature.

    Thanks to the T-Link feature, the smartphone screen display is also present in the headunit aka mirroring function. However, interestingly, the two screens function alias can be accessed in two directions. That is, you can
    operate the screen on the headunit like on the screen of your smartphone.

    How to?

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    The method is easy. First, we have to download the T-Link application on the Google Play Store. After the T-Link application is present on your smartphone, your smartphone must be connected to headunit via Bluetooth and a USB cable (required).

    After the connection is successful, the screen display of your smartphone will appear on the headunit. And you can also do fun smartphone activities through the headunit. Like opening and watching video content on YouTube, accessing Google Maps, and opening other applications on your smartphone. All of that goes without delay, this is updetails.com prove it yourself when testing this T-Link when the New Avanza-Veloz media test drive in Semarang-Magelang, at the beginning of this March.

    Didi Ahadi, Technical Support of PT Toyota Astra Motor, who participated in the media test drive, said the new T-Link feature is available in all Veloz and Avanza 1.5G variants. "This T-link feature was developed to maximize the relationship between smartphone and vehicle headunit. So driving a New Avanza-Veloz is more fun," he said.

    According to him, the New Avanza and Veloz headunit system also has an integrated system for several needs, such as security feature settings, rear sensors, rear cameras, door lock settings, and auto folding mirrors.

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