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    These 5 Jobs Earn Highest Income in the United States

    Saturday, March 2, 2019, March 02, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-04-18T13:41:51Z
    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics records the highest paid employment data in the country. At least, there are 5 types of jobs that receive the highest wages above the average obtained by each country.
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    Quoting the Business Insider, on Saturday (2/3), the job as an anesthesiologist ranked first. Armed with expertise in monitoring the patient's vital signs while being operated, making the anesthetist have a high salary.

    In California, the income of anesthetists reaches USD 283,860. The second position is a surgeon in Michigan who earns the highest income. The revenue collected is around USD 281,570.

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    Furthermore, the third position is occupied by the medical specialist profession. This category of work is a catch for various medical specialties that are not classified in other groups. Some specialties in this category include allergists and immunologists, radiologists, hospitals, and sports medicine doctors.

    Payments for this work in one part of the United States, New Hampshire, can reach USD 275,050. The fourth position is a general internist. General internists are doctors who diagnose and treat non-surgical diseases and injuries from the internal organ system. In addition, it can also provide care, especially for adults who have various problems related to internal organs. This job gets a salary of USD 260,500 in Minnesota.

    The last position was won by the psychiatrist profession. The psychiatrist is responsible for diagnosing a patient's mental disorders and determining the treatment to be performed. With this considerable responsibility, the job has a high salary of USD 252,470 in New Jersey.

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