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    Toyota Patents Tear Gas To Hit Thieves

    Wednesday, March 13, 2019, March 13, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-03-13T10:52:50Z
    Who lives in an area prone to theft or failure? If you are in a location like that, it seems that the new technology patented by Toyota can be an attractive alternative. So, Toyota has just patented a technology that will spray tear gas directly to thieves who have evil intentions.

    So, actually this Toyota patent works double. First, if you are a car owner, then you can arrange fragrances that will be sprayed by the car for the interior of the car. Of course you can choose these fragrances according to the smell you like.

    Well, that's for the first feature, especially for car owners. However, if the sensors in the car detect a danger, where an unknown person forces to turn on the car, instead of the pleasant smell that will emerge, but the tear gas which will immediately immobilize the person.

    Well, but what if it turns out that those who use the car are still our relatives who did borrow the car? Or what if suddenly an accident makes the bottle of stored tear gas damaged and releases the dangerous gas?

    Of course, the more sophisticated a technology, usually it will make us think about the negative effects. Well, in this case there is still no explanation about preventive steps to keep us from the possibilities above. After all, if Toyota registers a patent, this does not mean that the manufacturer will immediately introduce the feature or technology.

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    So, the patent is still limited to a patent, but the idea that appears is not wrong. Maybe in the future there will be a more sophisticated authentication system and make the system in the car recognize the owner, his brother, or not relatives at all who will turn on the car.

    What is clear, Toyota has the opportunity to perfect this technology after they registered their patent. Just imagine, how interesting it would be if we were greeted by the smell that we like when we just got in the car, the smell of success, for example.

    What do you think about that? Do you agree if this kind of technology becomes one of the safety tools in the future?

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