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Honda Jazz 2019 Spyshot, Not Fierce Again

Tokyo - A car that is covered in camouflage with cameras on the streets. Is this the Honda Jazz which reportedly will be released in October 2019 in Tokyo?

Photo: Twitter laimu_0206 via Indianautosblog

As quoted from indianautosblog, Tuesday (05/14/2019), the car was caught on camera on the streets of Japan. If you look at the design, at a glance the car has a significant change or full model change. Cars no longer have aggressive lines like the third generation Honda Jazz today.

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The fourth generation Honda Jazz will be sweeter, younger than sporty. From the photo spyshot, the car has a shorter bonnet with notched LED headlights and grille that is different than the current generation. While the tail lights are horizontal.

Inside, there seems to be a 7-inch information display similar to the all-new Honda Pilot 2019. Circular buttons on the center console and a large touch screen infotainment system are also seen in one of these spy shot images. Previously, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo confirmed their plan to create a new Honda Architecture platform that will be used for 2020 models of vehicles. It is likely that this platform will be used to produce Honda Jazz.

Honda is also believed to be releasing a Honda Jazz hybrid with dual-motor i-MMD technology and an electric version with a range of 300 km. As for the gasoline engine, it can use a smaller engine, 1,000 cc borrowed from a Honda Civic 3-cylinder engine.


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  2. Malaysia is the only country in the world to locally-assemble and sell the Honda Jazz 2019 Hybrid!


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