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    8 These Mistakes Are Often Made When Making Fried Chicken Like KFC or McD

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019, August 20, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-08-22T05:36:18Z
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    Crispy, savory flour-fried chicken is loved by many people, but often the result is precisely the soft flour and runny chicken.

    It could be because of small mistakes. Fried chicken flour fast food restaurant products already have processing standards. For example the type of cut and weight of chicken, seasoning, spice flour to chicken frying machines.

    Fried Chicken, KFC, Mc Donald, Ayam Goreng, Membuat Ayam Goreng KFC
    KFC Fried Chicken
    But that doesn't mean you can't make flour fried chicken as good as KFC. Although it looks easy, there are some small processes that must be observed and should not be missed so that the result is crispy fried chicken, but tasty and juicy meat.

    Here are some common mistakes when making fried chicken, tasty tasty flour fried chicken.

    1. Use cold-temperature chicken

    If you use frozen chicken, it's best to remove it from the freezer a few hours before it is processed until it melts or is at room temperature. If the chicken is stored in a cooler or refrigerator, take it out a few moments before cooking.

    Many people directly process chicken that is still cold. This makes the marinade cannot seep perfectly because the texture of the meat is still hard. Likewise, when wrapped in flour can not be coated properly. If the chicken is cold fried it will make the oil temperature drop dramatically and the chicken cannot be perfectly crisp.

    2. Do not dry the chicken

    After the chicken is washed, usually a lot of water soaks into the chicken meat. Don't just drain it. We recommend that you dry the chicken with a thick kitchen tissue by pressing the chicken until all the water comes out of the meat. This is to reduce the liquid from the meat so that when fried faster cooked and dry.

    3. Use only certain parts of the chicken

    In principle, all parts of chicken can be made into fried chicken. Not only the wings or upper thighs. Cut the chicken into small and almost as large sizes.

    The goal is that chicken meat can be cooked evenly and together when fried. With a variety of cuts of chicken meat, you can enjoy savory crispy chicken wings and savory juicy chicken breast meat.

    4. Do not marinate chicken with seasonings

    The process of soaking seasonings in chicken before frying has an important function. The first marinade marinade will make the spices seep into the fiber in chicken meat. The result is the chicken will taste more delicious.

    Secondly, the marinade containing spices and salt also makes the chicken texture softer. Therefore do not be too short and not soak it too long. Between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    5. Do not massage the meat when coating the flour

    After marinated marinated pieces of chicken need to be dipped in ice water. After that, it is coated with seasoned flour dough. First, make sure the flour has been seasoned with sufficient spice mixture.

    In the coating process, always massage and squeeze flour into the chicken meat so that it sticks perfectly. This process is what makes the flour form a 'curly' and crispy dough on chicken meat.

    6. Use a flat skillet

    The process of frying chicken is a process of 'deep frying'. Means all food ingredients must be submerged full of oil. Most people fry the chicken flour with the skillet so that only some of it is submerged in oil. The result is a layer of flour cannot dry out and the chicken absorbs too much oil.

    Use a concave pan, or even better, a deep pan. Fill with oil, fry the flour-coated chicken pieces until all the chicken is submerged in oil. Do not add too much chicken pieces so that the oil is hot enough to dry the chicken. This process is carried out by a fried chicken fast food restaurant. No need to reverse the chicken will be dry and cooked.

    7. Using the wrong type of oil

    There are various types of cooking oil. To get tasty crispy fried results, can not be used as long as cooking oil. Choose cooking oil with a high smoke point.

    This type of oil will withstand hot temperatures when used for frying. Coconut oil, canola or frozen oil specifically for frying can be used. Don't use olive oil to fry this tepyng-coated chicken.

    8. Oil is not hot enough

    The results of fried chicken are often not as expected. Dry chicken is uneven, or partially charred or for a long time dried so that when it is full of oil and it feels less crispy. What is needed to fry flour-coated chicken is oil with a stable or steady heat. Oil temperature must range around 150 C - 160 C. Conditions of this temperature cannot be regulated only by regulating the size of the fire. We recommend using an oil temperature thermometer to be more precise.


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