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    Beware of 5 Threats of Cyber ​​Crime

    Thursday, August 29, 2019, August 29, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-08-29T08:10:06Z
    The threat of cyber security never stops and will always develop along with the growth of a company. Criminal groups use new technology to identify targets and launch attacks on various industrial scales.

    Audit, tax and advisory services company Grant Thornton published the 'Cyber ​​Security: The Board Report 2019' report to identify what are the latest cyber threats and how important the company's top brass is in combating cyber risk.

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    Statistics show, two-thirds of medium / large businesses have experienced at least one intrusion or cyber attack in the last 12 months. As many as 73% of the 500 companies surveyed, reported losses of up to 25% of revenue due to cyber attacks they experienced.

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    According to Grant Thornton, there are at least 5 recent forms of cyber crime that can attack a company and pose a high risk to the company's business operations. The following is a summary of the five.

    The following 5 cyber crime threats that need to be watched out for:

    1. Ransomware

    Attackers install software to shut down business systems or take businesses offline. Ransom must be paid before 'ransomware' is removed or disabled. In its variations, the attacker threatens to corrupt data so that it cannot be used if ransom is not paid.

    2. Data theft

    Attackers steal customer data and sell it to other individuals who then commit identity theft. Or, they ask for payment to return the data that was stolen earlier.

    3. Disguised as CEO or other company officials

    Online surveillance of public data allows criminals to disguise themselves as CEO or financial director. Actors can then request changes to payment details on the invoice and switch payments to their own accounts.

    4. Bitcoin mining

    A relatively new form of cyber crime but more and more is happening. Attackers install software on corporate IT (Information Technology) systems and hijack processors to produce crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. The business system immediately slows down or stops.

    5. Intellectual Property Theft

    Espionage is not limited to spying in a country. Industrial espionage is a real threat, with ambitious companies being
    targeting rival company systems to steal their Intellectual Property.

    Managing Partner Grant Thornton Indonesia Johanna Gani said cyber criminal groups tended to target mid-sized companies. Large companies may have more funds to pay a ransom, but they also have more resources to build stronger cyber defenses.

    "Conversely, medium-sized companies are still valuable enough to be potential cyber crime targets, but these medium-sized companies may not have the same level of resources to invest in cyber security," he said as quoted by Grant Thornton Indonesia's official statement, Wednesday (28 / 8/2019).

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    Cyber attacks are getting more common. A software house in Karachi has recently faced some sort of external activities with stealing their data and account details. This is great to have informative articles on it to increase the understanding of threats and how the defense mechanism works. Therefore overall it is good.

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