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    Complete Review of Nissan X-Trail 2019, SUV that Floods Features

    Friday, August 23, 2019, August 23, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-08-24T03:33:35Z
    Since it was first launched in Indonesia in 2003, Nissan's SUV has always been eye-catching. With a somewhat boxy initial design, plus a roof rack makes the Nissan X-Trail look sturdy.
    Nissan X-Trail Photo: Ari Saputra

    And unlike the old-fashioned SUVs that drive need skills, the Nissan X-Trail is an SUV that is easy to drive, the steering wheel that will be easy for this hand to easily maneuver.

    who used to love X-Trail like this? Photo: reader Donny Kuntadi

    Now Nissan is releasing the latest generation of X-Trail with Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) features that are more suitable for today. Reading from the 2019 X-Trail manual, there are 50 more new features! But we will discuss just a few.

    Nissan New X-Trail Photo: Ari Saputra

    The design is even more beautiful, no longer too rigid, or boxy, but has been somewhat rounded up with modern lamps.

    What is the performance of the Nissan X-Trail 2019 model? Let us refer further:

    1. Exterior

    New Nissan X-Trail Photo: Ari Saputra

    From the outside the car has changed in the grille. The front of the car features a boomerang-shaped Nissan design with LED Daytime Running Lights and an enlarged Nissan V-Motion grille.

    The New Nissan X-Trail is equipped with an automatic feature that regulates changes in the headlights and headlights when there are vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

    The Nissan X-Trail alloy wheels increased by 1 inch to 19 inches, giving the impression of being more luxurious and sporty. Even though the wheels are bigger, they don't have much effect on the stability and handling of the car, it's still okay.

    Alloy rims with a pretty okay design Photo: Ari Saputra

    The curve from the side makes the car look more beautiful on the side. SUV accent is still strengthened by the use of the roof rail. While at the rear of the car featuring LED boomerang tail lamps, as well as chrome accents that add to the impression of luxury.

    Nissan X-Trail 2019 Photo: Ari Saputra

    The trunk door has also adjusted to the interests of Indonesians. There are foot sensors for the trunk door or power tailgate. Just shove your feet under the car, the trunk of the car is open automatically. So no need to bother opening luggage when your hands are full of groceries or other items.

    Nissan X-Trail New Photo: Ari Saputra

    If I may assume, the back of the Nissan X-Trail reminds me of the Nissan Livina.

    The trunk door can be opened using legs, you know Photo: Ari Saputra

    Tired of playing bicycle, just keep it in the trunk of a car Photo: Ari Saputra

    2. Interior

    Nissan X-Trail Dashboard Photo: Ari Saputra

    Glancing at the interior, the atmosphere typical of Nissan feels. Nissan uses quite a lot of leather to cover the interior area. Starting from the dashboard, seats, trim, steering wheel until the console box all use leather.

    Nissan X-Trail 2019 Car Seat Photo: Ari Saputra

    The wheel can be adjusted up and down, back and forth (tilt and telescopic) so that it can adjust to the rider's body, as well as the seat that can be adjusted easily.

    Looking at the roof of the cabin, there is a panoramic sunroof that can open up to the second row of cars. Makes the atmosphere of the cabin feel more spacious and bright.

    New Nissan X-Trail Feature Photo: Ari Saputra

    The air conditioner is also dual zone, so the driver and passengers can feel the air blowing in different temperatures. Meanwhile, if bored, detikers can choose to turn on music on a cell phone with Carplay in the car.

    3. Performance

    Nissan X-Trail 2019 Machine Photo: Ari Saputra

    Now it's time to try out engine performance. Unfortunately the 2019 X-Trail model has crossed out the 2,000 cc option. Indonesians don't seem to like the medium-engined medium-sized SUV, which makes Nissan cross the 2,000cc engine from its line up.

    As soon as the gas pedal is blown, the engine immediately roars smoothly. This 2.5-liter engine can output 171 PS and peak torque of 233 Nm.

    Quite ideal for lovers of SUVs. Although the power does not revolt and throw your head back, the car is still quite okay.

    Now to help motorists drive in narrow lanes, Nissan re-installed the Intelligent Around View Monitor feature on its 7-inch audio screen. Just touch the CAMERA 360 button on the upper right of the audio, the car camera will work and display the image next to the car and from above. When the car is speeding, the 360 ​​screen will disappear so the driver remains in focus.

    4. Safety Features

    Nissan X-Trail 2019 Front Photo: Ari Saputra

    As we said above, the X-Trail now has 50 more new features, for the main safety feature is the Intelligent Cruise Control which enhances the driving experience for long distance travel, because once activated this feature can adjust the distance with the vehicle in front.

    In addition there is a Forward Collision Warning that can monitor and give a warning to the driver if there are other vehicles in the area around the front of the vehicle that suddenly stops or reduces speed.

    Other features, namely Forward Emergency Braking, can provide warnings and reduce speed to help avoid collisions or reduce the risk of accidents due to collisions.

    Other safety features include Rear Cross Traffic Alert which helps motorists when in the parking area at low speed, by giving a backward or exit sign and warning when other vehicles are approaching from the right or left, and Lane Departure Warning which will give a warning when the vehicle out of line.

    There are also blind spot monitoring assists installed in the car. But unlike other car blind spot indicators that usually appear flickering in the car's rear view mirror, on the X-Trail, this blind spot indicator appears on pillar A. So from inside the car. There is a yellow light on the A pillar that flickers so there are other vehicles on the right and left that are not visible to the driver. Quite unique right?

    5. Price and Color Options

    New Nissan X-Trail Photo: Ari Saputra

    New Nissan X-Trail is available in 5 color choices, namely monarch orange, storm white, brilliant silver, deep iris gray, and black star. The price reaches Rp 530 million (on-the-road Jakarta).

    Overall the car is quite competitive with competitors such as the Honda CR-V cs. At a price of Rp 500 million, you will get a car that floods features.

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