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    Facts of Leonardo Dicaprio who was killed in an accident

    Friday, August 23, 2019, August 23, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:43Z
    Jakarta - Leonardo Dicaprio News is widely sought after on social media because it is reportedly killed in an accident. Well, what are the real facts?

    Leonardo Dicaprio began to be talked about since yesterday. Many netizens are mistaken about the sad news, the article Leonardo Dicaprio in question is not the Titanic movie player we know.

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    Facts of Leonardo Dicaprio Killed Accident / Photo: doc. Special

    Well here are the facts of Leonardo Dicaprio who died in an accident from various sources:

    1. Students from Riau

    Leonardo Dicaprio who was killed in an accident is a student from Siak, Riau. He is not the famous Oscar winner and only has the same name.

    2. Accident with 3 Vehicles

    The accident experienced by Leonardo Dicaprio involved three vehicles, namely the Daihatsu Terios low SUV, the neat bus, and the tanker truck. Meanwhile, the location of the accident was on Lintas Pekanbaru Road.

    3. Chronological

    Leonardo Dicaprio boarded the Daihatsu Terios SUV at high speed and entered the opposite lane. It was when the wrong lane that the car was hit by a Neat bus, and the two vehicles that clung to it then crashed into a tank truck.

    4. Make a virtual commotion

    As a result of the accident that killed Leonardo Dicaprio, the name of the Hollywood actor became trending on the Google search engine. It also made a virtual commotion.

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