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    Planned Parenthood : How to casually Deliver Sex Education to Teenagers

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019, August 20, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-08-22T05:36:02Z
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    Lately, online prostitution cases are rife, Mommy. As parents, surely we feel sad and alarmed at the sight, especially those who have girls growing up.

    In the midst of their wider association, of course it is not easy to control their activities continuously. Mother and Father will start losing time with sweet girls who are growing up.

    In addition, what is certainly a concern of parents is about their knowledge of sex. Of course, so that children do not go wrong after being provided with sex education or correct sex education.

    Planned Brotherhood, Planned Parenthood
    Launching Planned Parenthood, sex education is designed to help young people get information, skills and motivation to make healthy decisions about sexuality throughout their lives. Then, is that method considered effective enough?

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    Apparently, a study of sex education, which is focused on preventing sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents, can prove several things, Bun. Among other things, it can delay their decision to have sexual relations until an older age. So, it can be concluded that sex education can bring positive effects, Bun.

    But unfortunately, until now, parents still feel taboo to talk about it with their children. Mother, is one of them included? For the sake of preventing free sex, from now on discussing it in the most comfortable way. Talk about the topics most children can accept, but avoid talking about them in real life terms.

    In fact, the Executive Director of the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI), Satyawanti Mashudi, explained that the material on sex education must be differentiated according to the age and gender of the child. So, approaches to girls and boys will be different, Bun.

    "The obligation of a mother to tell her child. For girls, she already understands that during the first menstruation, that's when she doesn't or must be careful or not have sexual relations because pregnancy can occur," Satyawanti said recently.

    Still confused, Mommy, what is the right conversation? There is a statistic here. As reported by Sexedrescue, you should discuss it in the relaxed way possible. Do not be like a lecturer who is giving lectures to teenagers huh! Look for conversations that flow, such as asking about something that is viral like food trends, fashion to online games, which can later be linked to sex education.

    Make the conversation while in the car, exercise, relax in the television room, or cook with children in the kitchen. In fact, it is highly recommended you know, to share the experience of Father and Mother as a teenager first. Like when you first met, your dating period, until your first kiss.

    Believe me, Mommy, if children will listen more, so they are more embedded in their minds. They will learn from the experience of their parents, about safe sex for them.

    However, no less important is to talk about it in accordance with the teachings of the Mother and father adopted it huh. Adjust it to religious education, how it is regulated. Talk about things that are prohibited and allowed. Thus, children consciously know the reason for being smart to carry themselves and avoid dangerous sex before their time.


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