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    In Tik Tok Viral Bride and Groom Photo Shoot at Water Puddles, the Photos Amazed

    Saturday, September 7, 2019, September 07, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-07T07:25:47Z
    The newlyweds from India attracted the attention of netizens with their wedding photos. Netizens did not expect that their photos were made in pools of water.

    Who would have thought of this wedding photo in a pool of water. Photo: dock. The BBC

    The couple whose wedding photos attracted attention were known to be named Abhijith and Nayana. Originally from Kerala, India, both uploaded their wedding photos to Tik Tok.

    Behind the scene, aka behind-the-scenes action from the wedding photo, was also uploaded to social media. Abhijith and Nayana made their wedding photos in a unique way because they wanted to be viral. And the desire of both of them really came true.

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    In the behind-the-scenes video the viral shows Abhijith and Nayana doing a photo shoot in a giant puddle. Which then makes netizens amazed, their photos do not look like in the puddle. The wedding photo of Abhijith and Nayana was initially mistaken for netizens to be made on a lake decorated with flowers and leaves.

    Who would have thought of this prewedding photo in a pool of water. Photo: dock. The BBC

    However, from the viral video, actually all the photos were taken in a pool of water on their photographer's home page. Both seemed to lie on a large tray on the water around which was brown earth. Photographers photograph them from above using stairs. A crew is seen spraying water from a hose. In the viral photo, the newlywed couple is seen posing while enjoying the rain.

    Viral Bride and Bride Photo Shoot in Water Puddles, Photos Make Amazes Photo: doc. The BBC

    After their wedding photos which made netizens amazed by the virus, Abhijith and Nayana were interviewed by the BBC. Photos and videos of their photos taken in a pool of water were increasingly global.

    In an interview with BBC International, Abhijith and Nayana admitted that they really wanted to make a wedding photo that was different from the others. Both also want their photos to be viral.

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    Viral Bride and Bride Photo Shoot in Water Puddles, Photos Make Amazes Photo: doc. The BBC

    "I see a lot of wedding photos on social media. And I want our photos to be different and become viral on social media," he said.

    For the sake of getting unique photos, Abhijith and Nayana took an eight hour photo shoot. And the costs they incurred for wedding photos in the pool, but the results were praised by netizens of around US $ 1 lakh rupees.

    In Tik Tok Viral Bride and Groom Photo Shoot at Water Puddles, the Photos Amazed

    "Many people oppose our decision to take the photo because it costs so much. But we think we want to make a different video," said Nayana, who works as a nurse.

    Abhijith and Nayana were married because of an arranged marriage. Nevertheless both undergo the marriage with joy.

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