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Insomnia? Try Bedroom Designs in These 3 Ways

The density of daily activities that we live certainly makes the body feel tired. He wanted to go home immediately take a shower, change clothes and lay down on the bed. But often, this desire is just wishful thinking.

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You can not even sleep, aka sleepiness disappear! Eits, difficulty sleeping can actually come from a bedroom that is less comfortable you know. Well so that sleep quality is better, try room design with the new tips below. Undoubtedly, you will be more comfortable in the room!

Pay attention to the mat used

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If you have not been able to sleep soundly for a long time, this can come from the mattress that is used. Selection of the mattress that is not right will make sleep so uncomfortable. For that before buying, you must try the mattress by lying on it. In addition, the size of the mattress can also be adjusted to your needs and bedroom area. One more thing, don't forget to mix the divan and headboard with the room design style huh!

Set aside Free Space

The size of a small bedroom aka limited? Many items are stacked irregularly? This is what makes you feel uncomfortable. Sleeping while looking at your equipment that is a mess is certainly not recommended. Set aside free space in the bedroom to move freely, and wardrobe to store your various clothes and equipment.

Consider Choosing a Bunkbed

For those of you who have teenagers, of course beds need to be provided, respectively. If the space is limited, you can choose a comfortable bunkbed. Besides being more budget-efficient, it turns out that bunkbed also saves space. Choose a bunkbed that can accommodate an ideal mattress size for one person, which is 100x200cm.

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