Plastic Bottle Waste Stacking at Home? It could be a business with a turnover of US$ 3500 / Month -->
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    Plastic Bottle Waste Stacking at Home? It could be a business with a turnover of US$ 3500 / Month

    Sunday, September 29, 2019, September 29, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-30T03:15:24Z
    The emergence of a business idea for a Syukriyatun Niamah, a graduate of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in Surabaya, might be said to be unusual. Because of drinking water bottles, this woman managed to make a household furniture business from plastic waste with a turnover of tens of millions a month.

    Photo: Furniture from Plastic Bottle Waste (Isitecial / Instagram @robriesgallery)

    The furniture includes chairs, tables and wall clocks under the brand name Robries.

    Niam, his nickname, explained that the business idea appeared in 2015 during college. At that time, Niam claimed to often buy cold bottled water because the weather in the city of Surabaya was hot. Niam who lives in the boarding house does not buy a gallon because her room is on the second floor.

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    The drink from the packaging bottle was not immediately thrown away. He collected it in front of the room so that the plastic garbage piled up. The same thing was also followed by his neighbors.

    "It is very hot in Surabaya, often buying cold drinks in bottles. Because the boarding house on the second floor, lazy lifts gallons. Very often buy drinks a day can buy 5 bottles, there are times. Finally, after every drink, they are not immediately discarded, collected in front of the room, then my friends join in the end, come collect the front of the room, "he explained to AFP on Sunday (9/29/2019).

    Photo: Furniture from Plastic Bottle Waste (Isitecial / Instagram @robriesgallery)

    Then, Niam thought to solve the garbage problem in his residence. As a product design graduate, he is also looking for ways that plastic waste has high added value.

    "Finally, what are you thinking about, look at recycle products, how come they are so rich, if a recycle product is rich in Indonesia, it still looks like its brand, who wants to use it. Because the product design background is trying to make a valuable product, perhaps it can be sold more expensive and scavengers are more helpful
    finally began the experiment, "he explained.

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    The experiment began, he cut the plastics manually or without a chopper machine. Then, the piece of plastic is melted. In the melting process, he uses a variety of methods, until finally meeting the oven to melt the plastic. This oven itself is Niam's initial capital. This oven is a used oven that he bought for Rp. 1.3 million.

    After melting, he printed a sheet of plastic like a wooden board. This plastic sheet is the forerunner of products produced such as tables, chairs and wall clocks.

    Photo: Furniture from Plastic Bottle Waste (Isitecial / Instagram @robriesgallery)

    Furthermore, he sold the product for US$ 20 for a wall clock, a removable chair, aka a pair of pairs for US$ 40 - 50, and a table of US$ 60.

    Marketing and product uniqueness are key to Niam so that its business can grow quickly. In marketing, he utilizes community networks and through online stores. Then, the uniqueness of the product can be seen from the shape of the product as well as the color or style resulting from used plastic.

    Niam's business is growing. Currently, he can add production equipment, one of which is a plastic chopper machine. Sales have grown from around US$ 300 per month to US$ 2000 per month if diligently participating in exhibitions at the beginning of the business. Now, his turnover has gone through US$ 3500 a month.

    "If now the capacity is limited, it can be US$ 2500 to US$ 3500 per month," he said.

    Not only is he good at selling goods domestically, Niam has also brought his merchandise into the Asian and European markets. Now, he wants to penetrate the Australian market.

    "At most Europe because they are more aware of environmental issues. The country has Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, where else, yes, I do not memorize," he said.

    For Niam, the most important thing in business is the courage to execute ideas. But it is not just execution, as you go along, it is necessary to think about business development plans. In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the connection or network as much as possible.

    Photo: Furniture from Plastic Bottle Waste (Isitecial / Instagram @robriesgallery)

    In addition, Niam products can be ordered through Instagram at @robriesgallery and on robries.

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