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    Secretly This University Gives Free Food to Poor Students

    Wednesday, September 25, 2019, September 25, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-25T10:34:48Z
    In order to help students who are short of money, this university secretly provides free food. They use data from the canteen on campus.

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    The high number of students who live far from their parents makes some universities decide to help these students in a unique but still touching way. One of them is done by Xidian University, located in Shaanxi Province, China.

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    Reported from the Global Times (09/25), several students at Xidian University found that the card to buy their own food, the balance has mysteriously increased. It turns out that this balance, is a form of assistance from the university to poor students, so that they can still eat during college.

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    Of course the university maintains the confidentiality of the identity of students who receive this assistance, to protect the privacy of these students.

    To carry out this mission, the university is assisted with data they collect from the canteen on campus. Where they researched, which students most often bought food at a low price, to determine the students they had to help.

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    At least students who eat in the campus canteen 60 times a month, and only buy food with a price range of 5 yuan, will get help.

    After examining the canteen data, the university finally subsidized funds into 203 students' meal cards of 720 yuan per person. These funds have been calculated with the average price of food provided in the canteen. While the remaining money, can be used for food costs in the next semester.

    This program was immediately welcomed positively by students, alumni, and even parents. According to the director of the university's help center, Lu Lin said that the program would continue in the following semester.

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    Many netizens have praised the university for finding more humane ways to contribute to people in need. But many netizens also revealed that using data from the canteen was not very accurate.

    "If there are underprivileged students who have never eaten in the canteen, how can the university find it and help it?" asked one of the netizens. But until now, the program from Xidian University is still running positively.

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