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    The Figure Behind Toyota's Revolutionary Design

    Saturday, September 7, 2019, September 07, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-07T08:02:15Z
    Note that Toyota's design now seems to have a far different approach than before. They no longer want to play it safe. For example, the Toyota C-HR, Camry to Supra sportscar which will soon glide. The cars have an aggressive design that tends to be extreme. Who is the person responsible for changing the design of these Toyota cars?

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    Toyota Revolutionary Designer Ian Cartabiano

    He is Ian Cartabiano, an American designer, who works as chief designer at Toyota's Calty Design Research Inc. studio in the United States. From the hands of this 43-year-old man, a typical California-style design stroke is carved into the body of Toyota's newest cars.

    "The era of boring design cars is over. This is what Akio Toyoda requested. When a president says this, it becomes a kind of motivation for designers to unleash all their creativity freely, "Cartabiano said at Toyota headquarters as quoted by Carscoops.

    Indeed, the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, once mentioned there are no longer Toyota cars that look boring. Initially the world thought this approach only applies to Lexus, a special sub brand of Toyota's premium vehicles. As it turned out, these words were translated into reality, even for Toyota cars.

    Just look at the design of the C-HR crossover roof that connects to the rear glass. Or the sexy Camry executive sedan hips make the rear window arch along with the C pillar sculpture.

    Toyota, Designer, Job hunting, BTC, Binance, Sony, PS4, Tiktok, Interior Design, Home Interior, Interior Car Design, Car Design, Designer Bags, Designer Sho
    Toyota Car Designer Ian Cartabiano

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    "It was originally like this. It looks cool if the design is like that. Ah but it's useless they won't make it into a production version. But then the engineering team got carried away. They are even willing to look for ways to make the radical design translate into reality, "Cartabiano said. According to him, finalizing the design of the Camry back door handle takes up to four months. Even though it took Cartabiano only a moment to 'fun' drawing the latest Camry sketch behind a calendar sheet torn from his diary.

    "I really appreciate something new, even though it's not perfect. Although the design is without notes but it looks normal. I prefer to be challenged than to be absorbed in being too comfortable. The dynamics that occur during the process are normal, "concluded Cartabiano.

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