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    This woman was taken to the hospital after eating a lot of wasabi thought to be avocados

    Wednesday, September 25, 2019, September 25, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-25T09:30:58Z
    This one incident sounds trivial but tragic. A woman must be taken to the hospital after eating too much wasabi which was thought to be an avocado.

    Because it has a similar color, this Israeli woman eats wasabi which is thought to be mashed avocados. This Is Insider reported (9/25) this woman had to be rushed to the hospital because of suffering a heart attack due to wasabi that was eaten too much.

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    This incident is known to occur at a wedding. This unnamed woman mistook wasabi as an avocado, as a result she ate one teaspoon of wasabi at a time. After a time, this woman claimed to feel pain in her chest and was taken to the hospital.

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    After arriving at the hospital, the examining doctor said he suffered a heart attack. According to reports, this woman had takotsubo cardiomyopathy which made her heart muscles interfere.

    Fortunately this incident was immediately handled well and quickly. The doctor immediately took action so that this woman could immediately get healthy again.

    This incident also intrigued researchers about the negative effects of eating wasabi in large quantities. "A few minutes after he ate wasabi, he felt a sudden pressure on his chest and then spread to his arms, which lasted several hours," said a witness.

    "He decided not to leave the wedding but the pain began to subside temporarily. The next day, he felt weak and immediately sought medical help."

    The researchers were surprised because previously there were many studies on the benefits of wasabi, one of which is as a cancer prevention. About this heart attack, researchers assume because too much wasabi is consumed.

    Wasabi itself is the tuber of the Eutrema japonicum plant. Green like a turnip, hard texture. Usually the wasabi is finely shredded and is a complement to sushi or sashimi. Wasabi naturally has a spicy, hot and bitter taste that sometimes makes the tongue feel numb.

    In addition to its sensational taste, wasabi also contains nutrients such as vitamin C, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so that it can relieve allergic diseases, asthma to cancer. The original version of Wasabi is priced high, so many sell the mock version.

    Sadly, wasabi products on the market did not contain wasabi at all. If the wasabi japonica was printed on the packaging, that means not real wasabi but a mixture of turnips, Chinese mustard, and food coloring.

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