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    Tips for Women to Orgasm Easier

    Sunday, September 29, 2019, September 29, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-30T02:03:26Z
    Women are often said to have the opportunity to orgasm several times in sexual relations. But in some cases, women have difficulty feeling satisfaction when having sex with a partner.

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    Some things can be the cause, namely not focusing on personal pleasure, mental burdens, and medical conditions. To make it easier for women to orgasm during sex with a partner, these 5 ways can be tried quoted from Woman's Health.

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    1. Get to know special body parts

    According to clinical psychologist and sex therapist Janet Brito, PhD, women can start by recognizing their own bodies. Touch on which part of the body makes you aroused, sensitive, amused, or uncomfortable.

    After knowing the special body parts, do not hesitate to spend more time for foreplay. The prefix agenda before sex with this partner stimulates the effect on the clitoris, which is needed for women to orgasm.

    2. Masturbation

    Certified sex and relationship therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, advises women do not hesitate to masturbate. Touching yourself makes it easy for women to know what kind of stimulation they want or should avoid so they can orgasm.

    "Women have to be braver to know what kind of touch or pressure is expected from a partner. By knowing what they want, women can communicate with their partners so they don't need to feel pressured or fake orgasm reactions," Kerner said.

    3. Know your G Spot

    G Spot women are actually not only located in the clitoris. Various parts of the body can cause sexual satisfaction can be touched properly. To find out the G spot, women do not hesitate to explore or fantasize.

    "Women can read fantasize, read erotic novels, and watch material about sex or sexual relations. Do not hesitate to create the right conditions to stimulate physically and mentally so that you can orgasm," said therapist Kat Van Kirk.

    4. What is your mental state?

    Mental condition is often a risk factor that causes women to not be able to orgasm. Although physically there is nothing to worry about, women often still feel anxious to adversely affect their sexual condition.

    "Don't hesitate to better understand your own mental state, for example anxiety about sex and things that trigger it. Feeling happy with a partner should be able to erase all anxiety women. But orgasm is a personal experience, which can only be felt if women feel comfortable," said Van Kirk.

    5. Communicate with a partner

    If women find a variety of things that can create passion when you're alone or with a partner, don't hesitate communicating with your partner. In addition to communicating, make sure to express yourself during sex so your partner knows things that can make your partner happy.

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    "Communication and verbal expression, body movements, or touch make it easy for couples to know what women want. As a result couples know how women want to be touched and various things that help them feel satisfied," Brito said.

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