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    Toyota Land Cruiser Success Story, Sold 10 Million Units

    Sunday, September 29, 2019, September 29, 2019 EDT Last Updated 2019-09-30T02:24:50Z
    Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced the achievement of sales of 10 million Land Cruiser series, after this model was introduced 68 years ago. Toyota Global data noted that Land Cruiser successfully achieved the 'double digit' sales figure on 31 August 2019.

    Then, what is the success story of the Jeep from the land of the rising sun?

    Toyota Land Cruiser Photo: Pool (autoevolution)

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    Quoted from the Toyota Global page, the Land Cruiser model was launched since 1 August 1951. At that time the car was carrying the name of the Jeep BJ, using a B-type 3-cylinder 3,386 cc OHV engine, with a maximum power of 75 hp at 3,200 rpm.

    A little story, originally the Toyota Jeep BJ was made using the SB-type small truck chassis concoction released in 1947. But with a slight modification of the chassis and in the suspension section, this car is suitable for passenger vehicles.

    After the BJ Jeep series, Toyota changed its name to 'Land Cruiser'. And in 1955, the Land Cruiser type 20 series began its first export. At first this car only exported less than 100 units per year. But since 1965, the scale of exports has reached 10,000 units per year. Currently Land Cruisers are sold in 170 countries, global sales averaging 400,000 units per year.

    Land Cruiser used by men from Switzerland to travel the world and had stopped by in Indonesia. Photo: Auto2000

    One of the factors of Land Cruiser's success in the market is that this car is considered to meet the needs of its customers, without sacrificing reliability, durability, and the ability to operate even on damaged roads.

    So tough, Land Cruiser can be used for decades. Until now there are even people who use Land Cruiser 40 series, after 50 years this model was produced.

    Another example in Africa, for example, Land Cruiser is used as an ambulance to provide humanitarian assistance. In Burundi, Land Cruiser is used to evacuate children infected with malaria to hospitals, Land Cruiser is also used in refugee camps in Uganda to transport patients to clinics.

    While in Australia, the Land Cruiser is used for the mobility of copper miners about 1,600 meters below ground level. This model is also used to herd cattle on 8,000 square kilometers of cattle farms.

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    In Costa Rica, Central America, Land Cruisers are used to harvest carrots at an altitude of 3,500 meters, on steep slopes.

    With these glorious achievements, Land Cruiser is able to contribute significantly to increasing Toyota brand trust in the world, making it easier for this Japanese brand to expand its export market share.

    As for some of the Toyota Land Cruiser models that have been introduced so far are the Toyota Jeep BJ, the 20 Series, 40 Series and 70 Series Land Cruiser. In addition to jeeps, the Land Cruiser also comes in a station wagon version, such as the Land Cruiser 55 Series, 60 Series, 80 Series, 100 Series, and 200 Series.

    As for the light vehicle version, there are the Land Cruiser 70 Series Wagon, 70 Series Prado, 90 Series Prado, 120 Series Prado and 150 Series Prado.

    In addition to Toyota, the Land Cruiser is also the base for several Lexus SUV models, such as the LX 450, LX 470, LX 570, GX 470, and GX 460.

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