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    Modified Honda Cars, There are Cars for Children in Tokyo Auto Salon

    Wednesday, January 15, 2020, January 15, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-01-16T04:12:00Z
    Tokyo - At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, Honda showed off various vehicles that carried the theme of 'connecting generations, connecting life, and' connecting hearts.

    Photo: Honda

    The cars on display are concept cars that can connect across time and across generations, such as the Civic Cyber ​​Night Japan Cruiser 2020 and the Kachatto Wagon. Tokyo Auto Salon itself has been held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture since January 10-12, 2020.

    This modified car is provided by Honda Access which has been supplying various kinds of products including special parts for Honda vehicles.

    At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, Honda set up a booth that could express the fun and excitement of mobility like a merry-go-round. Honda has a range of vehicles that can be enjoyed by a variety of customers, from vehicles that can be modified based on old cars, to vehicles that can be adjusted especially for lifestyle and hobbies, to vehicles for the future. So what is the model of the car? Let's see one by one:

    1. S2000 (20th Anniversary Prototype)

    This car is an old school sporty car made by Honda, Honda S2000. This car was built by Honda as a 20th anniversary of the S2000. The car has aero bumpers, suspension that has been modified.

    2. Honda Civic

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    This Honda Civic is called the Civic Cyber ​​Night Japan Cruiser 2020. The original car was the Civic Type R (GF-EK9. Honda has changed its target users to become a modern youth, and has provided modernization that still reflects the silhouette of the old Civic Hatchback, and Neo Japan where it is a combination of future and underground concepts.

    3. Kachatto - Wagon

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    Boxy cars did not escape being modified by Honda. The car, called Kachatto - Wagon, is a multipurpose car with a very flat floor and has a flexible interior layout function and can connect 3 generations of car lovers and parents.

    4. Aibou

    Look out don't be mistaken, this is Aibou or Honda's first children's car. This car is called Honda as a new type of car that will connect the automotive world and the world of children. Wow the kids must be happy huh?

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