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    The Most Ideal Autonomous Concept Car from Honda

    Wednesday, January 15, 2020, January 15, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-01-16T03:46:10Z
    Although there are some people who can entrust their lives through autonomous car technology, it is undeniable that some will not believe. Honda unites these two different sides into a concept car at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

    Honda's future car Photo: Pool (Autoevolution)

    The concept is called the Augmented Driving Concept which combines autonomous features with complete human control neatly. Honda says this technology allows the driver to choose whether he wants to drive his own or autonomous car.

    "In the future this autonomous car will still give you the sensation of driving. Some people still love to drive and do not want to completely give up control of the wheel," said Corporate Communications of American Honda Motor Company, Jaymie Robinson.

    Honda's future car Photo: Pool (Autoevolution)

    There are 8 modes offered by this technology from semi-autonomous to fully autonomous. All these modes can be accessed at the touch of a button whenever the driver wants to change it. For more safety, the artificial intelligence of the car will detect faces to determine whether the driver has excellent concentration for driving.

    When you want to drive, just press a button and the wheel will stick out. Meanwhile the sensor will continue to avoid facial expressions. When the driver suddenly loses concentration, the car will take over control. Likewise, when traveling and the driver wants to enjoy the view the car will automatically take over the wheel.

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    When this autonomous mode, for the sake of safety the steering wheel cannot be operated as long as the driver is not focused on the road. If it is judged to concentrate on driving, the driver will regain control of his car.

    This concept car steering also get a new development from Honda. The steering wheel can easily move from side to side so that the two front row passengers can drive.

    Honda's future car Photo: Pool (Autoevolution)

    Through this steering wheel the driver can accelerate and brake. In the atanyautonomous mode on the steering wheel there are also sensors that can instruct the car to change lanes. Enough to wave a hand to the sensor.

    For car indicators are all in the middle of the steering wheel. From the middle there is also an eye sensor to determine the condition of the driver.

    Then when can this concept be implemented? Of course, after the autonomous technology reaches level 5. While there are no cars sold in the market or tested safe to become fully autonomous cars to date.

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