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    6 Psychology Tricks Make Others Like You

    Sunday, February 23, 2020, February 23, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-02-24T02:30:51Z
    Do you find it hard to be liked by others when in a friendship environment? Making people believe and want to approach you is not something easy. But it's not too difficult if you know the right ways to make them like you. As reported by Brightside, here are six tips that can be done so that other people can like you.

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    1. Show That You Also Like It

    Basically, people will prefer to be close to people who also like it. Because if you show that you like them, then you will feel more warm and can make them more comfortable if you are near you.

    Research conducted by Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University, California, United States also has proven this theory called the Reciprocity of Liking. In the research the respondent was asked the question "If A states that he likes B, will it make B prefer A?". Most respondents stated that they prefer people who also like them. Research also found a causal relationship so that people who like others will get a positive response from that person.

    2. Express the Apology

    Sometimes to be a person who looks very friendly, it is often necessary to express an apology even though you are innocent. But that does not mean you can be treated arbitrarily ...

    The purpose of an apology here is an apology to build trust while making you look more sympathetic to them. This apology also indicates that you are trying to understand what other people are experiencing. This is evident from research conducted by Alison Wood Brooks, Hengchen Dai, and Maurice E. Schweitze. In their research entitled Superfluous Apologies Demonstrate Empathic Concern and Increase Trust, it was revealed, excessive apologies can increase trust to the person who apologizes.

    3. Adapt

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    Deal with them, follow how they go about their daily lives. Remember to only imitate the positive things. For example you can pay attention to what they like and don't like and you can follow them to get closer to them. . This technique is called "mirroring" and will usually always work.

    Research conducted by Nicolas Gueguen of Université Bretagne Sud, France also proves that imitating the verbal and nonverbal behavior of others increases the person's liking for the person who imitates it. Nicolas made the research by conducting an experiment by looking at six speed dating sessions where the female participants volunteered to imitate the men who became their date for 5 minutes. From the experiment it is known that men become more interested in women who imitate themselves.

    4. Reveal Your Secret

    When you try to reveal the secrets in your life, it will make others more trustworthy and not afraid to approach you. Revealing personal secrets can make them feel more trusted by you so they can reveal their secrets too. Research conducted by a number of universities in the United States also has proven it. From the research results it was revealed that female students who shared secrets with each other had a closer relationship than female students who did not share any personal information.

    5. Give Touch

    Giving touch can indicate a stronger relationship. This applies among women. For example when you're talking together, you can while touching it several times, such as by touching the shoulder. In addition to regulating emotions, interpersonal touch can also regulate social relationships.

    Anthropologist Alan Page Fiske has outlined the importance of this touch. According to Fiske, touch is a key element of a human relationship. When people share together, they implicitly assume that their bodies share the same substance, which can be real, imagined, or implied.

    April Crusco from the University of Mississippi and Christopher Wetzel from Rhodes College also conducted research on the effects of touch on a person's behavior. They conducted research on visitors in two different restaurants in a small town in the south of America. The researchers instructed the waiter to touch visitors briefly on the shoulder or palm. The waiters are then also asked again not to touch the visitors at all. As a result, visitors who are touched leave between 18% and 36% more tips than those who are not touched by the waiter.

    6. Make Others Feel Special

    When trying to get to know someone else and make them like you, don't ever show your ego in front of them. Make everything about them so they feel special. Focus on what they want, like, and their perception of you. For example, by asking questions that make you look interested and want to know more about their personalities.

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