All Governors in the US condemned the Central Government Response -->
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    All Governors in the US condemned the Central Government Response

    Monday, March 23, 2020, March 23, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-03-24T05:25:24Z
    If they don't get equipment, they can lose lives that can be saved.

    NEW YORK - Governors in the US say their demands for more masks and medical devices are not being met. They are forced to compete with each other in order to fulfill supply because the corona virus pandemic is increasing.

    Residents stormed basic necessities at a supermarket in Tacoma, Washington, United States. Residents invade basic needs, especially toilet paper in the midst of the spread of corona in the US. (AP Photo / Ted S. Warren)

    "This should be a coordinated effort from the central government. This is the wild west out there. Of course we pay more for PPE because of the competition," said Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. PPE is a personal protection equipment, which includes important medical supplies such as face masks.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the central government needed to nationalize the purchase of needed medical supplies. He mentioned, the lack of personal protective equipment such as masks and other medical equipment such as respirators leads to price exploitation.

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    Cuomo said that the mask that once cost 85 cents was now 7 dollars because New York competed with other states. New York is currently buying a sewing machine to make their own masks.

    "Right now, when countries do it, we compete with other states. In some cases, we are ferocious to other states. This is an impossible situation to manage. If we don't get equipment, we can lose lives that we can save, "Cuomo said.

    FEMA administrator Pete Gaynor did not explain when the national mask inventory will be distributed. It also did not notify the number of masks that are currently being sent. He said, there were still masks in national supplies, but FEMA's preparations were nil to meet demand.

    Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said, the needs of the state in the fulfillment of masks are needed to protect medical workers. Masks for the sick have also not been fulfilled. According to him, in addition to masks, the central government needs to provide economic assistance.

    "We really need more medical equipment (personal protection). We have asked many questions about the strategic inventory in the White House. They gave us a small portion of our request, "Murphy said.

    "We think New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut are four states that need 100 billion dollars in direct cash to enable us to continue our struggle," Murphy said.

    Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said his state had collaborated with companies to buy the masks needed. He wants to help those who are at the forefront of the plague. Michigan also doesn't have a corona virus testing kit.

    "If the central government really starts to focus since the whole world starts facing this, we will be in a stronger position now," Whitmer said.

    He recommended the central government to provide a national strategy for dealing with outbreaks. He also criticized the lack of readiness from the central government.

    "Lives will be lost because we are not ready. We must fight for the economy of this country because we do not consider this pandemic quite a serious thing as a country," he said.

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