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    First Day of Spring, 10 Spring Festivals on Earth

    Thursday, March 19, 2020, March 19, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-03-19T14:14:07Z
    Spring is always associated with rebirth and rejuvenation. The freezing winter finally ended and signs of life began to reappear.

    Animals come out of their hibernation and all nature celebrates. The temperature began to soften and once again, the buds bloomed, leaves appeared.

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    The first day of spring in the northern hemisphere is celebrated between March 19 and March 21. They call it Vernal Equinox. It was a day of the year when the Sun crossed the celestial equator and moved north. During this time, day and night have the same duration of 12 hours each.

    Here is a list of spring festivals around the world. So, a traveler who wants to enjoy a vacation to one of these countries and at the same time wants to experience local traditions can record it in the travel list.

    Holi (India)

    The color festival no longer needs to be introduced. Originally a Hindu tradition, Holi has become one of the famous spring festivals throughout the world.

    A fun celebration. This is the best time to play around. Celebrate by painting herbal colors on each other's faces and splashing water on friends.

    The night before Holi, a bonfire was lit to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The scientific significance of the campfire is that it kills all germs in the air and purifies the atmosphere, so that we enter a healthy, disease-free summer.

    Songkran (Thailand)

    Songkran in Thailand is a mass "water war", where people splash cold water on anyone who passes by. This is similar to Holi but the version is not too dirty. Celebrated as a strange spring festival throughout the world.

    Celebrated every April, Songkran actually welcomes the new year in Thailand. So, if you're on a Thai vacation that month, be sure to bring a spray gun to fight Songkran's "attackers."

    Cherry Blossom Festival (Japan)

    Now, almost all tourists who leave for Japan will come to attend the enchanting Cherry Blossom Festival. That's when the rare event when all of Japan turned into Barbieland with flowers popping up every year.

    This is indeed one of the most beautiful spring festivals in the whole world. Hanami, the tradition of casual picnics and outdoor banquets, precisely under the cherry trees, also takes place during the Cherry Blossom Festival. If a traveler has planned a vacation in April, must come to Japan.

    Sechseläuten Festival (Switzerland)

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    People in Switzerland are so happy because winter has ended so they celebrate by burning a statue of a snowman, a tradition dating from the 16th century.

    A giant snowman named Böögg represents the end of winter and is made with old clothes and fireworks. It is believed that the faster it burns, the brighter and warmer the coming summer in Switzerland.

    This two-day event also includes banquets, parades, and stand-up comedy, one of the most common traditions around the world for the spring festival.

    Semana Santa (Guatemala)

    Semana Santa in Guatemala is basically Easter Sunday which is celebrated every spring. The parade was held on the streets of Antigua City, in decorative costumes and wooden vehicles. These wooden vehicles weigh 100 pounds each and are carried by many hands to mark a holiday celebrating this spring.

    The cobblestone streets are covered with handmade carpets strung together with flowers that can only be used once because they will be trampled by hundreds of parade vehicles.

    Tulip Time (Netherlands, Michigan)

    Springtime celebrations in the United States begin at the same time as Tulip Time in the Netherlands! However, the Netherlands is not a country in Europe, but rather a small town in Michigan, where more than six million tulips bloom every spring.

    More than one million visitors come to visit one of the biggest tulip festivals in the world. If a traveler is on vacation in the United States, especially Michigan, he must attend one of the best small-town festivals in America to celebrate the beginning of spring.

    Marzanna (Poland)

    Marzanna is the Polish version of the Sechseläuten festival in Switzerland, but it is a little different. This is one of the most religious spring festivals in the whole world.

    Instead of fire, they use the power of water to end winter rage. People in the village make dolls made with straws which they call Marzanna. This is the Slavic Goddess of winter, plague, and death.

    The doll was carried in a dramatic parade on the streets and then drowned in a river to mark the end of winter.

    Cimburijada (Bosnia)

    Bosnians celebrate early spring with food. Cimburijada means Festival of Omelet. It was then that people gathered in a city park on the banks of the Bosnian River to eat a free omelette.

    This is one of the tastiest spring festivals in the whole world. Why eggs, not others? Eggs symbolize the beginning of a new life, in this case, a new season. Scrambled eggs are made in large numbers to be distributed among the crowd. No wonder this festival is so popular that it attracts visitors from all over the world.

    Fallas (Spain)

    Commemorated in memory of St. Joseph, Las Fallas in Spain was carried out with fanfare and enthusiasm. This is one of the world's most unique spring festivals that celebrates the turning point of the Sun by burning everything.

    The festival lasts for a week. Millions of people appeared on the streets to join the parade.

    Fallas means torch. Therefore, anything that is old and thrown away will burn in a big campfire. Very large ninot or dolls depicting satirical scenes were burned as well. If there, a traveler must also try authentic local cuisine, especially fried pumpkin with a cup of chocolate.

    Mexico Carnival (Mexico)

    The popular celebration in Mexico, the carnival, is often associated with the culture and heritage of this country. Depart to the coastal cities of Mexico and anyone will meet a lively parade, who will welcome with music and laughter.

    There will be cheerful colors, accompanied by drinks, snacks, dance and more. And, the best part, this festival will last for more than a week. More than enough time to feel the full miracle!

    In fact, this is one of the festivals celebrated on the first day of spring throughout the world.

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