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    Respect, Corona Resistant Car, World Car Factory Makes Ventilator to Fight Corona

    Friday, March 27, 2020, March 27, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-03-28T09:31:19Z
    Many automotive manufacturers in the world have switched to producing medical devices in the midst of a corona pandemic. Including a ventilator, which is most needed to treat patients.

    Ford is one of the automotive manufacturers that plans to make medical aids (
    EUTERS / Christine Murray)

    Many automotive manufacturers in the world stopped operating amid the corona pandemic. Declining market demand forced them to stop producing. Called by the condition of the world hit by the corona virus, several manufacturers then swerved to make health equipment.

    In the United States, Ford, GM, and Tesla have said they will help produce ventilators. This breathing apparatus is needed by patients who have contracted corona.

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    According to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security data, the United States in 2018 has 160,000 ventilators. While now the need to treat more than 700,000 patients.

    Quoted from NBC, the limited number of ventilators is making hospitals in New York to improvise. They use one ventilator for two patients. While in some European countries, the limitations of the ventilator make the doctor must decide who the patient will be helped and who will be left without assistance.

    Related to this and the increasing number of corona positives and high mortality rates in Indonesia, the government asks automotive manufacturers to help fight corona. You do this by producing medical devices such as ventilators or breathing apparatus.

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    "For the supply of ventilators, a simple prototype will be made that can be mass produced through cooperation between the automotive industry and the component industry," said Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, in his official statement, Friday (3/27/2020).

    Until Friday (27/3), the positive number reached 1,046 and the death of COVID-19 positive cases became 87 people. Demand for ventilator aids and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is increasing.

    The Ministry of Industry also asked the textile industry to be able to produce PPE for the needs of health workers. PPE is needed, including clothing, caps, towels, gloves, leg guards, hand protectors and face protective glasses (goggles).

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