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    Secrets of Choosing the Right Supplements to Maintain Endurance in Coronavirus / covid-19 Situations?

    Friday, March 27, 2020, March 27, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-03-28T06:38:39Z
    Facing the growing development of the Corona virus (Covid-19), we need to know how to prevent the spread of the virus. From various available sources, maintaining immunity or endurance is an effective way to prevent it.

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    Meanwhile there are so many ways to maintain immunity, one of which is to take supplements, both food and drinks.

    So how do you choose supplements to maintain endurance? If you don't know yet, let's try some ways to choose a good supplement reported from the following webmd.

    It has useful vitamins and herbs

    Supplements that have a variety of vitamins, minerals, or herbal ingredients that are useful for daily activities you can choose. For example supplements that contain Vitamin B or D, then supplements with the efficacy of Ginseng, Royal Jelly, or Red Ginger which are proven to maintain endurance.

    Adjust to Body Condition

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    Sometimes there are supplements that are not suitable for our bodies, for example when we are pregnant or have certain medical conditions. Therefore it is also necessary to pay attention to the content of supplements purchased so as not to endanger our bodies.

    The dosage of supplements that you are taking should also be adjusted according to your needs or through a doctor's recommendation

    Certified and Affordable Prices

    With a more affordable price, we can easily buy supplement products for daily, weekly, or even monthly needs. But of course it needs to be seen also whether the supplements at affordable prices, have been certified with good safety.

    Can Be Easily Found

    Supplements we will usually consume at certain doses regularly, so that we can maintain a stable immune system. Therefore it is very important for a supplement that is easily accessible and available around us such as pharmacies, minimarkets, and the nearest warung.

    Well, one of the drinking supplements that can maintain endurance with the content of Ginseng and Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are routine. Either with special supplements, or by consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables.

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