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    Valentino Rossi's story 'In disarray' Find a Toilet in the Jerez Circuit (MotoGP Flashback)

    Saturday, March 28, 2020, March 28, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-03-28T09:12:53Z
    This is one of the most memorable moments of Valentino Rossi at the Jerez Circuit. The Doctor 'helter-skelter' entered a portable toilet on the edge of the track.

    This moment happened more than 20 years ago, precisely in 1999. Rossi at that time was still competing in the 250cc class, driving an Aprilia RS250 with his skinny body.

    Valentino Rossi enters the toilet on the edge of the Jerez Circuit (ist: Pinterest)

    In the race, Rossi managed to become champion after defeating Tohru Ukawa. It also became The Doctor's first victory in the 1999 season.

    After touching the finish line first, Rossi did a victory lap. In the midst of victory lap that he suddenly leaned his motorcycle on the wall of the circuit and into a portable toilet that is not far from there.

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    The action to enter the toilet was not because Rossi was dying. But that was only one part of his victory celebration. Rossi's behavior in celebrating his victory at Jerez became interesting news aired by many European media, especially Italy.

    link video : Valentino Rossi's story 'In disarray' Find a Toilet in the Jerez Circuit (MotoGP Flashback) 

    Rossi repeated the celebration style of entering the toilet 10 years ago. Together with Yamaha in the MotoGP class in the 2009 season he became the fastest rider and was entitled to the top podium. Rossi once again parked his motorcycle on the edge of the track and headed for a nearby toilet.

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