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    Easy Tips For "How to Work From Home" to be effective for you

    Friday, April 10, 2020, April 10, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-17T03:10:22Z
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    In my work at Google, I advise everyone on how to use their time as efficiently as possible. When working from home, my productivity strategy is far more important because I don't have the usual structure in the office everyday, like traveling to work, attending meetings, or greeting coworkers. When your home becomes an office, you need to learn an entirely new routine.

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    Completing work even though not with a teammate physically has been a habit at Google for some time (in fact 39 percent of meetings at Google involve employees from two or more cities). However, this may not be the case for everyone, and many people throughout the world are now in a new work situation. So, I tried to collect some of my best productivity tips — wherever you work — and some things I learned about how to get all the work done from home.

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    1. Determine the "location" you work for (and the location you don't use for work)
    You can use a computer at the kitchen table or work while sitting on the couch. But a consistent room, location, table or chair that you "use" every day to work helps your brain associate that location (smell, sight, and sound) with work completion. Put some items that you usually have on your desk, such as photos of friends or family. Use the mouse pad that you like. Create your favorite snack supplies on a small shelf. Determining the area you don't use to work is as important as creating your "work location." For example, don't use a computer upstairs or your room. This helps create mental distance so you can feel relaxed even if you work at home.

    2. Use Hangouts Meet like a professional.

    You might spend more time on video chat — in our case, Hangouts Meet. Here are a few tricks for using Meet at home: reduce video quality when you experience slowing or bandwidth restrictions, make video calls but listen to audio on a cellphone, and give texts during meetings to make sure everyone can follow them. If you need human interaction (virtual), prepare a video chat without an agenda with your team or friends at work. This is not a formal meeting, but only a time to chat and greet one another.

    3. Practice "one tab while working".
    If you don't have a large monitor at home or setup screens like at work, it's very important to focus on one Chrome tab at a time. If you are making a video call from a laptop, minimize all the other tabs and focus on the conversation — just as you have to put the phone down or close the laptop at a meeting to stay involved.

    4. Perform the routine as you will work.

    Don't immediately start working in bed as soon as you wake up. That won't help your brain get a "mood" to be productive. Stick to your usual routine like getting out of bed, dressing, eating breakfast, then "walking" to your new workspace. Although comfortable, still wearing pajamas will make you feel like an ordinary work day and make it difficult for you to get work done.

    5. Find your best schedule and energy.
    The advantages of working from home? No need to travel. Think of it as a time to experiment with alternative schedules and find "optimal biological time". If you are an active person in the morning, try to get up and do something for a while, then rest before noon. If you are an active person at night and prefer to stay up late, change your schedule to get more work done in the afternoon when you usually come home from work. Productivity is not just a matter of what you do, but more important is the time you do it.

    6. Working from home does not mean working all day.

    One of the most difficult things when working from home is setting boundaries. Put the computer in the workspace and only work when you are in that space. Determine your time "finish working today" by setting work hours in Google Calendar to remind others about your work time. Rest your mind like you do in the office — instead of attending a meeting, walk out or call a friend.

    7. Make a list of daily tasks the day before.
    One way to stay on track and set a work schedule at home is to make a list of what you have to do in a day. I make a daily plan template (you can also use it if you want!) Which helps me to make plans every hour related to what I will do. If you filled it the night before, you already know what to do on that day.

    8. Complete one thing that you want to do.

    Working in an office can be very time-consuming and rarely leaves time for yourself or free time to get things done. Working from home is an opportunity to complete some of the work you need to do, such as completing expenses, exchanging ideas about long-term projects, or reading articles that you bookmark a while ago. Set up an ongoing list on Google Keep and look back when you have free time.

    9. Understand your own situation (and others)
    Some people only have one studio type room and spend all day there. Some people have spouses who work from home, children at home, or pet dogs at home (I have all three). Connectivity may be slower and it may sound dog barking, but remember that everyone does their best so they can work from home effectively.

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