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    Google Doodle Today Appreciates Corona's Opposing Medical Personnel

    Saturday, April 18, 2020, April 18, 2020 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-18T09:44:39Z
    Google thanks the medical staff who worked hard during the corona virus pandemic with Google Doodle.

    Google makes the Doodle series about the corona virus COVID-19 by thanking people who are at the forefront of fighting the virus. In today's edition in Indonesia, Monday (4/13/2020), Google is grateful to the medical staff namely doctors, nurses, and others. Google for Doodle displays the letter G from the Google word that sends hearts to the letter E, who wears a scrub, surgical mask, and head mirror.

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    Today's Doodle is titled: "When COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help each other now more than ever. We launched the Doodle series to recognize and respect many of them on the front lines." Today , we would like to say: To all doctors, nurses and medical workers, thank you. "As CNet proclaimed, the tech giant often enlivens its search pages with interesting artwork.

    Google Doodle Thanks Today Appreciates Corona's Opposing Medical Personnel

    1. Thank you workers and scientists
    2. Thank you medical personnel
    3. Thank you emergency officers
    4. Thank you Janitor
    5. Thank you farmers
    6. Thank you wholesale shop workers

    Doodle usually includes famous people, events, holidays and anniversaries. Google often highlights the heroes of the medical community, including Dr. Virginia Apgar, who developed a rapid method for evaluating the health of newborns, as well as Dr. Rene Favalor, a cardiac surgeon who pioneered coronary artery bypass surgery. With much attention recently on efforts to destroy the new coronavirus, which causes respiratory disease COVID-19, Google last month honored Dr. Hand's pioneers in washing hands. Ignaz Semmelweis.

    The series has thanked medics, emergency workers, scientists and guards. On Friday, Google turned its attention to the unsung heroes who played an important role in keeping us fed: farmers and farm workers. Agricultural workers keep food flowing to the market, but their work makes them vulnerable to viruses. They continue to work even in conditions that make it impossible to take shelter in their own quarantine.

    Google Doodle Thanks
    If you open the Google Doodle page, an appreciation series appears from Google. In order of the date, here follows the sequence of the Google Doodle thanks to the vanguard fighters against Corona.
    1. Thank you workers and scientists
    The thank you series from Doodle was first recorded on April 6, 2020. Doodle is dedicated to public health officials and scientific researchers. They work hard to reduce extensive transmission in the community.

    2. Thank you medical personnel
    On the Google Doodle page, thanks to medical personnel were recorded on April 7, 2020. Doodle respects doctors, nurses and other medical workers who work long hours, under conditions that cause emotional and physical stress, and often with inadequate protection.
    3. Thank you emergency officers
    Doodle on April 8 honors firefighters and police who come out every day, respond to emergencies and provide assistance. To do their work, officers and firefighters often make very close contact with others, some of whom may be infected with the corona virus. But they still show up for work, day after day.

    Google thanks the medical staff who worked hard during the corona virus pandemic

    4. Thank the janitor
    On April 9, Google honored janitors and domestic workers cleaning surfaces in hospitals and other medical institutions where pathogens might live. Accustomed to handling corrosive chemicals and lifting heavy objects, these workers now have the potential to make contact with the deadly corona virus. However, they continue to do their work, even though they often lack training and equipment to protect themselves from viruses.

    5. Thank you farmers
    Google thanked the unsung heroes who played an important role in keeping food available: farmers and agricultural workers, on April 10. Agricultural workers keep food sources flowing to the market, but their work makes them vulnerable to viruses.
    6. Thank you wholesale shop workers
    Google's thanks to wholesale shop workers broadcast on April 13. Google appreciates the workers in the grocery store who are still working to meet people's needs.

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